5 Holiday Activities To Do With Your Dog Christmas is just around the corner, and that means pet owners and dogs everywhere are getting excited to spend some quality time enjoying the holiday season. And what better way to warm your heart and your soul than spending quality time with your dog? At Betsy Farms, … Continued

Foods That Dogs Shouldn’t Eat The holidays are a special time that we spend with our families, and we all know that our dogs are a part of the family. Unfortunately, the holidays also are a time when foods that are dangerous for dogs, such as chocolate and nuts, are in abundance and easily accessible … Continued

Allergy sufferers may fear they have to skip the honor of having a dog, but it’s not true! There are plenty of hypoallergenic dogs that are ideal for those who find themselves sneezing. No dog is 100 percent hypoallergenic, but there are plenty of pooches that have less of the dander that tends to irritate … Continued

You brush your own teeth every day—it’s time that your dog’s teeth get a good cleaning as well. Poor dental health in canines can lead to other infections and health risks, including heart disease. There are easy ways to ensure that your pup’s fangs stay in shape! Brush It Good Sure, brushing your dog’s teeth may … Continued

Don’t feel bad if you confuse the Puli breed for a cleaning tool. The lively, affectionate pup’s unique coat resembles a mop more than a dog. But once you get a glimpse of that smiling face under the mane of hair, you’ll be smitten. The Puli was first bred to herd sheep in Hungary, and … Continued