Foods That Are Safe to Share with Your Dog A dog that’s mastered the use of puppy dog eyes when begging for food can be difficult to ignore. After all, what’s the harm that one little bite of human food can do? Unfortunately, though, while it may seem innocuous, giving a dog human food can … Continued

Choosing The Right Veterinarian For Your Dog At Betsy Farms, our mission is to help dogs everywhere lead healthier, happier lives by creating the most wholesome, healthy, and delicious dog treats that money can buy. But while dogs may think that the world revolves around treats, any pet owner knows that even more important to … Continued

While some of us are born lucky enough to be immune to plant particles and pollen, the vast majority of people will experience the itchy, uncomfortable, sneeze-laden reality of seasonal allergies at some point in their lifetime. But for pet owners, this begs the question: can dogs get allergies too? At Betsy Farms, we’re proud … Continued

Common Fears & Phobias At Betsy Farms, we’re proud to create healthy, irresistible dog treats made from high-quality ingredients, helping you support the health of your furry friend. But in addition to making healthy dog jerky and dog treats, our mission is to help make every part of taking care of a dog easier. While … Continued

How To Get Your Dog To Eat   For the most part, dogs aren’t too picky when it comes to eating. Most dogs are quick to wolf down any food they’re presented with, and many get so excited about special treats that they’ll eat them so fast they won’t even taste them – something we’ve used … Continued