4 Easy Tips To Help Keep Pets Safe This Halloween

Halloween can be one of the most enjoyable holidays to share with pets. We all want to include the furry family members in the holiday, but it is important to make sure our pets stay safe too!  We called upon an expert veterinarian, Dr. Kristin Andrews, to share her tips to know that can keep your pets safe this season.

Take a look at these four simple tips to ensure your pets have a fun and safe Halloween with the family.

Dress Your Pet in Costume, But Only If They Enjoy It

Some dogs get anxiety or stress when they are put in clothing or costume (no matter how cute they look). While you may be tempted to dress your pets up in an adorable Halloween costume, it is best to avoid it if they show any sign they are not happy. For the many pets that enjoy being in costume, make sure they have good vision and are able to move properly while dressed up in their Halloween gear. Then, once your four-legged goblin is all decked out, take as many pictures as humanly possible.

Let Your Pups Have Some Halloween Treats That Are Safe and Healthy

First, it is more important than anything to understand the dangers that Halloween candy can pose for your pets. Most common Halloween treats can be toxic for dogs and make them sick so make sure to keep their paws away from the trick-or-treat stash. Making a special Halloween bag with safe and healthy treats for dogs can be a fun activity for kids, who naturally want to include their best buddies in everything they do. Have the kids give their furry friends healthy pet treats, such as jerky treats or new Betsy Farms turkey infusions. These are also great to hand out to the neighborhood dogs that are out with the kids on Halloween night. If something happens and your pet does get into Halloween candy be sure to contact your veterinarian immediately.

Use Safe Halloween Decorations

Planning to transform your home into a spooky haunted house? Make sure your props are safe for pets. Candles and Jack-o-lanterns can be easily turned over by startled pets or wagging tails. Rambunctious puppies can head straight for low hanging and small-size decorations looking for a chew toy. Even older dogs in the family can get into props that may cause harm. Keep all of this in mind and use caution when choosing your fright night decorations. This will ensure a fun and safe Halloween for everyone.

Keep Your Pets Indoors or on a Leash at all Times

Halloween night can bring out troublemakers so it is best to keep your pets indoors or on a leash with a family members. This is especially true for anyone with a black cat but dogs can also be susceptible to Halloween ruckus. Pets can also easily slip outside while you are handing out candy so make sure they have the proper ID tags and reflective collars. If your dog is easily rattled by the doorbell or groups of guests coming and going, it is best to keep them safe in a back room of the house away from the crowds and noise. A closed room where they have their bed and favorite toy, or even a baby gate, can help curb anxiety in skittish pups.

These simple tips from our expert veterinarian can help make this Halloween a frighteningly fun treat for you, your family, and for your four-legged loved ones.