4 Tricks We Wish Our Dogs Could Learn

Ever watch one of those heartwarming animal movies with the talking dog and think “man, I wish my dog could learn that”? Who hasn’t? Indulge us in a little fantasy thinking right now as we imagine 4 tricks we wish our dogs could learn. Someday…

Take Out The Trash

Forget nagging the kids to do this chore. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could teach Fido the opposite of fetch and have him “take it away”? Taking the trash out probably wouldn’t be the best chore to assign to a teensy pup like a Chihuahua or a Yorkie, but we bet the big guys like Rottweilers and Great Danes would be excellent at this task.

puppy exploring garbage can

Scoop Their Own Poop!

Now wouldn’t THAT be nice? It would be so cool if dogs could scoop their own poop sometimes. Especially in the rain. There’s nothing worse than crouching down in the pouring rain to scoop up a pile of…yeah; you get the picture. If only they had opposable thumbs for the baggies, we just know canines of any size could do it.

clean up after pets sign

Wash Themselves

Ever wash your dog after he’s done something sinister? There’s just nothing worse than a smelly wet dog. He doesn’t like it; you don’t like it. It would be so much easier if you could just tell your pup to hit the showers and scrub a dub dub. The next time your dog goes dumpster diving, it would be so nice not to have to deal with that. I guess that’s one advantage cats have over dogs is the whole self-cleaning thing.

2 dogs in the bathtub together

Tend The Yard–Instead of Destroying It

How many of you have spent countless hours on perfecting your yard only to have it destroyed in a few minutes by an unapologetic dog? Dogs love yards with a passion. If only we could get them to understand our aesthetic when it comes to what makes a lovely yard, and teach them how to maintain it. Imagine a world where Patches mows the grass instead of tearing it up, or plants flowers instead of eating them. Maybe he would even know his name is Patches instead of “no!”

dog barking at lawn mower

We know we’re living in a fantasy world. It’s okay to dream sometimes. True, dogs can’t do everything we wish they could, but they do a lot of great things. They make us happy when we’re sad, they keep us active, they keep us laughing, and they provide hours of love and companionship. Even if they don’t help out around the house, dogs are pretty great to have around, and we wouldn’t trade them for anything.