5 Fun Activities Kids Can Do With Dogs

Is there any relationship purer than between a kid and their dog? We don’t think so. There are a number of things we can do to help cultivate that bond between kids and their dogs. Activities kids and dogs do together benefit both of them. It’s good exercise, and it’s good fun. Here are some awesome things your kids and your dogs can do together.

Go For a Walk

The simplest thing your child and your dog can do together is go for a walk. Walking the dog is something someone has to do anyway since all dogs need at least a little exercise. You will be teaching your child valuable lessons in responsibility as they learn that dogs need care and cleaning up after, all while getting the kids and the dog outside and active. Walking with the dog cultivates family time and builds a positive attitude toward getting physically active, which is good for everyone’s health and wellbeing.

a family walking their dog in a park


Learning to brush or wash the dog is also something kids can do. Putting your kids in charge of grooming will continue to instill responsibility, and build a nurturing relationship between them and your furry buddy. Most dogs enjoy the soothing feeling of being brushed, making this a positive experience for all.

father and sons washing the dog


The best way to keep your dog’s obedience training fresh is to use his knowledge frequently. Kids will love asking your dog to do his tricks and commands, and your dog will love a chance to earn some extra treats! Tasking your kids with giving your dog a refresher, and even teaching your dog some new tricks, is a win-win for everyone in the household.

girl training her dog

Outdoor Sports

If you have a highly active dog, chances are he needs a job to do, or he gets bored. A bored smartypants dog is a bad combo. A smart dog with nothing to stimulate his brain often gets destructive if he chooses his own ways of entertaining himself. The perfect answer to this problem is to have the kids take up flying disc, agility, or flyball with your pooch. All of these activities get both your dog and your kids outside and active; everyone will need quite a nap afterward! Search for amateur or “Just For Fun” leagues or clubs in your area and try something new this summer!

boy throwing tennis ball for dog

Fun and Games

Having a dog is fun! So get the kids outside to have some playtime with Fido every once and a while. Games like fetch, hide and seek, and tug of war are all easy and fun for dogs of all sizes. Playing hide and seek even reinforces your dog’s “recall” (coming when called).

For some silly but awesome memories, why not try staging some funny photos with your dog? If he knows the commands “sit” and “stay”, the possibilities are endless. And with social media, you might even make your pup a star one day.

School is out for summer, and chances are you’ve heard “Mom, I’m BORED” at least once. If your child has a canine friend to hang out with, you never need to hear those words again. All you need is a little imagination to point them in the right direction for hours of endless entertainment–and exercise!