5 Holiday Activities To Do With Your Dog

5 Holiday Activities To Do With Your Dog

Christmas is just around the corner, and that means pet owners and dogs everywhere are getting excited to spend some quality time enjoying the holiday season. And what better way to warm your heart and your soul than spending quality time with your dog? At Betsy Farms, we’re proud to make wholesome dog treats that promote the health and happiness of dogs everywhere – but if you’re looking for ways to celebrate the season outside of feeding your dog some extra Betsy Farms pet treats, we’re here to help. Try these 5 fun activities that are perfect for celebrating the holidays with your pup!


5 Fun Dog-Friendly Holiday Activities

Celebrate the season with the best friend that’s always there for you. Try these 5 great holiday activities that are perfect to do with your favorite doggy!

  • Take a Walk to See the Christmas Lights: Dogs may be more smell-oriented than visual, but taking a walk to see the Christmas Lights can still be a great activity for dogs. The lights and excitement are sure to be fun for your furry friend, and it’ll be an opportunity for them to get some exercise, as well. Just make sure to wrap your dog in a sweater and booties if it’s too cold!
  • Play in the Snow Together: If you live in an area with snow, few things are as fun for dogs as playing in the first big snowfall. You may want to give your dog a jacket if it’s very cold, but some breeds may be ok without one. Regardless, you’re both sure to have fun romping through the freshly-fallen snow!
  • Take a Trip to the Shelter: Many animal shelters organize holiday events for dogs, and they can provide an excellent opportunity for quality time and holiday fun.
  • Unwrap Gifts Together: Opening holiday presents is always a treat for humans, but it can be just as fun for dogs! Try wrapping a gift for your doggo in some brown paper that’s safe for them to chew on – we guarantee they’ll have a blast ripping open their new present! And if you’re looking the perfect gift, might we suggest some fresh Betsy Farms dog treats?
  • Treat Your Dog to Betsy Farms: Of course, few things will delight your dog quite as much as some delicious, wholesome dog treats. So to celebrate the holidays, why not treat your dog with a few extra Betsy Farms pet snacks? We guarantee your furry friend will be beyond grateful!


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We hope this list gives you inspiration to plan some fun quality time with you and your favorite pup, and if you’re looking for a great present for the holidays, few things can beat high-quality dog treats – and at Betsy Farms, that’s our specialty. Order some Betsy Farms pet treats online today, or find them in a retailer near you. We wish you and your dog a happy, delicious holiday season!