5 Cat and Dog Friendships That Prove We Can All Get Along

Any pet owner knows you can’t believe every animal stereotype you hear. Our favorite fluffy ones all have their own distinct personality and traits. These five Instagram accounts show us one more mold can be broken: dogs and cats can get along. Check out these five friendships that remind us how much fun you can have with your best friend—no matter their species.


5 Cat and Dog Friendships That Prove We Can All Get Along

3 Cats and Their Dog

Paddington the Shar-Pei lives with his three cat friends—Butler, Sailor, and London—in Tasmania, Australia. The four siblings enjoy posing for the camera and getting up to numerous hijinks that often involve fun accessories.


A House Full of Love


The Boggs family is proof that you can never have too many animals in one house. This fun-loving family includes a Toy Fox Terrier, two Pit Bulls, a Rat Terrier Italian Greyhound mix, two ducks, and a cat!


Best Friends and Twins


If there’s one universal truth in the world, it is that Doug, the exotic shorthair cat, loves Charlie, the golden retriever. It could be because they are both gingers and possibly twins, but these two friends seem to love taking naps together.


Three Isn’t a Crowd


You can’t blame Rosie the cat for thinking she’s a dog, after all, her surrogate mother is a very large Huskie named Lilo. The friends love going for hikes, swimming, and hanging out with Infinity, their other Husky sibling.


Well-Dressed Friends


Zoe the Bulldog and her friend Bailey, a Balinese, are stylish besties that live with their owner in San Francisco. These two know that every friendship can prosper on shared interests and matching outfits.

These five Instagram accounts are sure to put a smile on your face, so give one or all of them a follow! And don’t be surprised if you find yourself unable to use the phrase “fighting like cats and dogs” are viewing all these adorable best friend photos.