5 Reasons to Walk Your Dog Today  

cute dog walking National Walk Your Dog Month is in January, but that is no reason to not make your daily dog walks important every month of the year. Trying to find the motivation to get into the habit of daily dog walking can be difficult. But, it is worth it! Our expert veterinarian, Dr. Kristen Andrews, shows us five reasons why walking your dog is a healthy habit you want to make.

5 Reasons Walking Your Dog Daily is a Healthy Habit


It is beneficial not only for your pet’s health and wellbeing, but also for yours.

The optimal amount of exercise for your precious pups to get daily is around 30 minutes. Sporting breeds and young puppies may need more and toy breeds may need a bit less. As a bonus, 30 minutes of daily exercise has exceptional health benefits for you as well. Developing this habit will keep both you and your canine companions in tip top shape.

Walking is a great bonding activity for you and your dog.

A daily walk can provide positive social interaction between pets and their human parents. Dogs thrive on this closeness, and their bond will likely grow deeper and more loyal towards you and the pack.

Walking is a good way for your pet to release some of the energy that builds up daily.

Running around in the backyard or at the park is usually not enough exercise for your dog, both mentally and physically. While both of these activities are fun and healthy, dogs have an instinctual need to roam and explore, which is something only walking can fulfill.


Walking Helps Aging Dogs Stay Active Regardless of Their Age. 

As some dogs get older, they can start to get creaky bones and achy joints, which can make walking difficult. Getting into the habit of activity at a younger age will keep your dog’s joints and muscles strong later in life. Using a supplement such as VetIQ Hip & Joint will also help build the connective tissue between joints, making your precious pets comfortable, mobile, and agile as they age.


If you have multiple dogs, walking them together helps them build better relationships with each other.

Walking together is a great bonding activity for a household with multiple dogs. In a way, a walk will simulate the structure of a pack and help that pack bond together.


Walks are a great time to practice some basic training and establish you as the leader of the pack.

Always training your dog to walk behind you, never pull, and to stop when you stop, will solidify your position as pack leader. This positive training and structure helps dogs develop good behavior patterns.


Now go grab your leash and get walking!