7 Emotional Moments of Soldiers Reunited With Their Pets

Veterans Day is a holiday where the nation recognizes the hard work and sacrifice our soldiers give when defending the country. It’s obvious that families significantly miss their loved ones when they are abroad. It should also be no surprise that family pets miss their owners just as much (if not even more).

This Veterans Day, we’ve decided to highlight the best videos of people and soldiers being reunited with their best friends. The emotion these dogs portray is incredible and each reaction is adorable. Get your Kleenex ready, there are some real tearjerkers here.


The Best Moments of People Reunited with their Dogs


This Dog Finds His Toy and Gets Another Pleasant Surprise

While playing fetch with his family, this German shepherd gets a fantastic surprise as he returns with his toy. Watch as the dog cries vocally in excitement that his soldier has returned home from deployment safe and sound.


Gracie the Golden Retriever Cries When She Gets This Surprise

Gracie the Golden Retriever barks in surprise as her dad returns from abroad. “I missed you so bad,” says her owner, as Gracie snuggles in his lap happy to be reunited.


This Tiny Princess Greets Her Soldier With a Bunch of Wet Kisses

Princess, a tiny Maltese, welcomes home her dad with licks of love. “Did you miss me?” her soldier asks as he picks her up after a six-month deployment. In this video, it’s obvious Princess missed her dad immeasurably and is happy to be back in his arms.


Is it Possible For a Dog to Get So Excited That She Faints? See For Yourself

Immediately whining/crying in surprise, Casey the miniature schnauzer faints in excitement of seeing her sister returned after two years abroad. The family assures that the vet said Casey is perfectly fine and was just overly excited.


This Siberian Husky Tackles His Solider Dad With Kisses

Silver, the Siberian husky, is so excited to see her soldier come home that she runs around the house like a maniac before tackling her dad with kisses. Watch her rambunctious reaction that ends with crying, kisses, and a performance of her favorite tricks.


These Dogs Are Tiny But They Can Still Knock Over This Soldier When They Welcome Him Home

These two dachshunds are so excited to see their soldier they knock him over in an effort to get as close as possible. There are kisses galore for their dad after seven months of deployment.


This Golden Retriever Cries in a Tearful Airport Reunion With Mom

This golden retriever cries when reunited with their soldier mom at the airport. You can see just how much this pup missed his mom while she was deployed in Afghanistan, and she has the scratch marks to prove it.

These videos really show how a dog’s love is unconditional and everlasting, no matter how long they may be separated from their family. Military members and civilians alike can be assured their best friend will miss them every time they are away, but they can look forward to an incredible welcome upon a safe return home.