7 Things Dogs Want For Christmas This Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well not quite, but the countdown has officially begun. Only a few more weeks until the big guy in the red suit comes to town. Bring on the Christmas tunes, cheesy holiday decorations, and spiked eggnog.

Tis’ the season to also start thinking about all the goodies Santa will bring. Chances are your dog has been a bit naughty this year, but if your pet has managed to land on the nice list, here are some gift ideas that might make a puppy’s wish list this Christmas:

dog sitting next to a pile of christmas presents

Treats, Treats, and More Treats

With all the cookies, savory smells, and candy this time of year, it is important to let our pups indulge in treats of their own. The last thing you will want to come home to is a devoured turkey and other holiday goodies, and while we can’t promise that won’t happen, a treat or two could help. Put a bag of Betsy Farms tasty treats in their stocking or wrap it up for a fun surprise they will love!

Balls to Play Fetch With

If a dog could get its paws on every shiny, bright, round ornament on the tree, then we would be in trouble. Fortunately, a great alternative is picking up a pack of tennis balls, bouncy balls, or ones that jingle or squeak at your local store or online. Surprise them with this and watch their little eyes light up just like that Christmas tree you have in the corner.

Delicious Bones

Just like treats, dogs love their bones. If you are having company over for the holidays, try giving your dog a dental bone to keep their bad breath at bay when he decides to give kisses to all your guests! Not only that but bones come in all shapes and sizes, so whether Fido is big or small, you can find the perfect one for your pet. Slap a bow on it and voila, Christmas gift done!

Belly Rubs

Dogs are simple creatures and enjoy the little things in life. A belly rub is exactly what your pup will want this Christmas after winding down from all the holiday madness.

Santa’s Specialty–Toys!

I am not sure what dog doesn’t love toys. Make it fun by getting your dog a Christmas-themed toy he can play with. Find them a plush toy to use as a decoy to deter them away from the other decor or presents under the tree.

Spending Quality Time with You

Dogs don’t need a lot for Christmas; there is just one thing they need. They don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree…Sound familiar? Duh! It’s Mariah Carey’s famous Christmas song, with a doggy twist of course. If dogs could talk (or sing in this case), this would be their jam. All they really do want for Christmas is to spend time with loved ones. So, this Christmas make their wish come true… baby all they want for Christmas is to spend time with youuu!

pug at christmas time

My album drops next week…

A Furrever Home

Thinking of getting a dog for someone you love? Try searching your local shelters or rescue. What better way to celebrate this time of year than saving a furry friend and giving them a warm, loving place to call home.

Spread the holiday cheer to your pups this year by giving them a gift they will love. Happy Pawlidays!

mini schnauzer opening a present