8 Reasons to be Thankful for Your Dog This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here and with it comes annual holiday traditions like eating turkey, watching football, and getting some much-needed family time. Sitting around the table for Thanksgiving dinner, many families discuss what they have to be thankful for over the past year. While many things may make your list, it’s important to remember to be thankful for your favorite four-legged family members as well.

This Thanksgiving, make sure to show your pets gratitude as they make you and your family’s lives better on a daily basis.

Here are 8 reasons to be thankful for your dogs this Thanksgiving.


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Dogs Love You Unconditionally

Your dog loves you no matter what. From waking you up with a lick to waiting excitedly at the door for you to return from work, it’s obvious your pup can’t get enough of your company. The saying that a dog is man’s (or woman’s) best friend holds true and your dog will continue to love you with unwavering enthusiasm for their entire life.

Dogs Listen No Matter What

Whether you’ve had a hard day at work or just want to talk things through out loud, your pet is likely the best listener around. Most enjoy listening for as long as you need, and even if they don’t, they will never complain that you’ve talked too much.

Dogs are the World’s Best Snuggle Buddy

Who needs blankets when you’ve got a warm furry pup that loves to cuddle up? With the cold season upon us, your family pet is happy to double as a heated blanket in exchange for some much-appreciated back scratches.

Dogs Don’t Complain When You Want to Watch Sports All Day

Having a Lazy Sunday and watching football all day? It’s no problem for the family dog. Your best bud enjoys being a couch potato with you all day and cheering on your favorite team with their bark.

Dogs Reduce Stress

Studies show that spending time with a dog can reduce stress, reduce your risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, and increase overall health. Interacting with your dog on a daily basis is definitely good for your health and wellbeing.

Dogs Increase Your Social Activity

Owning a pet makes you more sociable. Getting out of the house, whether for their daily walks or a trip to the local dog park, encourages you to meet new people and make new dog-loving friends.

Dogs are Natural Mood Enhancers

The unconditional love that pets constantly show you and your family will kill even the worst of moods. Owning a dog can naturally elevate your disposition and even has been proven to help people with depression.

Dogs are the Perfect Exercise Partner

Every dog needs exercise daily. While human parents may not like to, daily exercise is good for people too. What better motivation is there than a pet who won’t take no for an answer when asking some daily cardio? Their natural energy and playful attitude will help get you up and going and their daily need for exercise will keep you in the healthy habit.

On Turkey Day, as you gather around the table for dinner (while your pets feast on their Thanksgiving turkey jerky treats), remember all of these reasons to be thankful for your dogs. Be thankful for their affection, love, and companionship—because their existence is creating a more fulfilling life for you and your family.