A Pain in the Grass: Tips For Beautiful Lawns in a Home With Pets

Having a beautiful, green, lush lawn is a labor of love. It is also something many of us are very proud of, but let’s be honest, sometimes it can be downright frustrating. For most, it takes a lot of work to make it perfect. From mowing to watering, growing to trimming—the list goes on and on.

In reality, everyone wants that perfect yard that friends, family, and neighbors can be envious of, and that is enjoyable all season long. That being said, it becomes a pain when our adorable pups do their business, and in return we are left with burn patches, scattered throughout the lawn.

2015.04.08 Betsy Farms blog

Why Dogs Can Cause Grass-Burn on Lawns

The reason behind this is one word—Nitrogen! This chemical is found in your dog’s urine and comes from the protein in dog food as it is broken down. Common fertilizers also contain nitrogen, which leads to an excess amount for the grass when used, thus burning the ground.

Tips For Healthy Lawns When You Have Dogs

If your lawn suffers from grass-burn, then the tips below may help abolish the problem with a few simple and easy tools.

Spray Area With Water

Soon after your dog urinates, spray the area with your garden hose for a short period of time. The water helps dilute the urine and aids in keeping the grass green. If you don’t have a hose, a watering can or a few cups of water will do just fine. This might seem a little extreme or cumbersome, but it may just do the trick to prevent the brown spots from appearing, alleviating even more work down the line.

Give Your Dog a Healthy Diet

Feeding your dog high-quality food can give them just the right amount of protein without overdoing it, eliminating an excess of nitrogen.

Designate a Dog-Only Zone in the Backyard

Train your dog to find a spot in the yard that is out of plain sight. Another option is to create a dog-friendly landscape or area that you designate for just your dog. Using healthy dog treats is always a great training method to get them in the habit of using these areas.

Keep Your Dogs Hydrated

Keep your pup hydrated and make sure they always have fresh water available at all times.

When it’s all said and done, although we love our lawns, we love our pets even more. Lawn care with pets may be a pain, but finding ways to control it is possible, and it will allow you and your pet to take full advantage of those sunny days! If you have this difficulty, what are some of the methods you use?