Betsy Farms – Safe American Made Dog Treats

We know your pets are like family. Because of that, Betsy Farms jerky treats are made in America with lots of love and care, as if we were making them for our own families.

Recently there has been a lot of concern over dog jerky treats. Links between jerky made overseas and death or sickness in dogs might even have you avoiding jerky treats altogether. You can rest easy knowing feeding Betsy Farms jerky treats is safe. None of our recipes have been affected by recalls. Everything on the Betsy Farms ingredient list is pronounceable – give it a try! When you look at what’s in Betsy Farms jerky recipes, you’ll see what we see: ingredients to be proud of. Not only are our treats made here in the USA, they are made from American-raised meat. We use a unique dual-heating process where the meat is actually cooked twice to ensure both tastiness and safety. The heating process removes potentially harmful bacteria from the meat before it is pulverized and mixed with the other ingredients and cooked a second time.

Betsy Farms jerky is also wholesome because of what you won’t find on the ingredient label. Our treats are free from wheat, and artificial colors and flavors. The duck, turkey, and chicken flavors are all just delicious natural flavors that dogs love. You’ll love giving them their favorite treats because they’re as good for them as they are good tasting. We don’t put artificial colors in our dog treats, simply because they aren’t necessary. Artificial colors have been linked to allergies, so why bother giving them to a dog? Your dog doesn’t care what a treat looks like– he just wants it to taste good.

We’re all about wagging tails and happy dog owners. We think our jerky treats are pretty great, but if you don’t agree, we’re willing to stand behind them. That’s why if you are not happy with your purchase, you can return the product to your retailer for a 100% refund.