Betsy Farms Dog Treats Are All Treat, No Tricks!

Here at Betsy Farms, we’re pretty upfront about our treats. We like to put all of the good, tasty things into our treats and none of the horrible, unsafe things. There’s no trick to our treats–they’re just good ingredients for a good tasting snack for your dog.

dog with bowl looking hungry

A Lineup To Get Excited About

We know what dogs like, and we deliver. Our core line of jerky treats includes Chicken, Duck, and Turkey flavors sure to satisfy any hungry pooch. In addition to jerky treats, Betsy Farms has introduced Jerky Infusions. What’s a jerky infusion? They’re yummy chicken jerky infused with tasty creamy filling in three different flavors: sweet potato, bacon, and bacon cheeseburger. Is your mouth watering yet? We’re not even done.

Betsy Farms Creamy & Crunchy treats combine a crunchy cereal outer shell with a creamy flavored inside. Creamy & Crunchy treats are available in two flavors: BBQ Chicken, and our most popular, Peanut Butter. Creamy & Crunchy treats are a tiny size that make great training treats, too. What dog won’t sit, lie down, or stay for a tasty peanut butter bite?

Made in America, Sourced in America

We know pet owners are concerned about not only where their pets’ treats are made, but where those ingredients come from. We know because we are pet owners. Betsy Farms treats are made in America from American-sourced ingredients. It is important to us that we are able to stand by our products with confidence. Pets are family, and we want what’s best for them.

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Quality You Can Count On

Quality is the number one priority we have when it comes to making great dog treats. Our company headquarters is in Eagle, Idaho. The jerky treats are produced at our manufacturing facility in Springville, Utah, bringing jobs to support the local economy. Our jerky treats are made with a unique cooking process that cooks them twice to remove any potentially harmful bacteria.

Pet Tested & Approved

Because we are pet owners, we not only care about making a high-quality treat, we want dogs to like them too. We taste test our treats against other brands with our own pets to ensure our treats are tasty. However, we know sometimes dogs have their own individual palates too, and that is why all Betsy Farms products can be returned to the retailer for a refund if they are not 100% satisfied.

golden retriever playing fetch

None of That Fake Stuff

Dog owners can feed our treats with confidence because they are jam-packed with all of the delicious ingredients dogs love, and none of the bad ones. Our treats are made with no artificial flavors, just real ones that taste real delicious. We also only use all-natural color and preservatives. None of that yucky chemical stuff.

Dogs don’t lay around daydreaming about eating chemicals. They want chicken! Or duck. Or peanut butter. Dogs just like good food, and we aim to give it to them, all at an affordable price for their human owners.

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