You did it. You finally made the decision to adopt a new dog to love and accept into your family. You start to scour the local shelters and adoption centers in the hopes you will see your new bundle of joy and just know that this is the one. Now chances are, most of you … Continued

Few dogs make such an impression on us as Poodles do. This ancient breed is one of the most recognizable dog breeds, and also one of the most versatile. Get to know the Poodle, and you’re sure to be hooked. 6 Cool Poodle Facts The Poodle is An Ancient Breed Believe it or not, Poodles … Continued

Summer means spending a lot of time outdoors and soaking in those rays–but the dangers that can also come with the sweltering heat are something to be aware of for yourself and your pup too. If you’re not careful, the summertime can have many repercussions for your dog’s wellbeing. That is why we have provided … Continued

The Chihuahua might be small, but this toy breed comes with a big personality and a tenacity that far outweighs many of the big dogs. We all have come to recognize the Chihuahua as the one and only “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” dog, but the fame doesn’t stop there. This dog has starred in a … Continued

Standing out from the pack isn’t always easy, but the Yorkshire Terrier has it down to a science. It’s easy to see why the Yorkie tops the charts as the sixth most popular breed. With its long luscious locks, cute little top-knot, and fluffy face, the Yorkie captures attention wherever it goes. This little bundle … Continued