You did it. You finally made the decision to adopt a new dog to love and accept into your family. You start to scour the local shelters and adoption centers in the hopes you will see your new bundle of joy and just know that this is the one. Now chances are, most of you … Continued

Few dogs make such an impression on us as Poodles do. This ancient breed is one of the most recognizable dog breeds, and also one of the most versatile. Get to know the Poodle, and you’re sure to be hooked. 6 Cool Poodle Facts The Poodle is An Ancient Breed Believe it or not, Poodles … Continued

Summer means spending a lot of time outdoors and soaking in those rays–but the dangers that can also come with the sweltering heat are something to be aware of for yourself and your pup too. If you’re not careful, the summertime can have many repercussions for your dog’s wellbeing. That is why we have provided … Continued

The Chihuahua might be small, but this toy breed comes with a big personality and a tenacity that far outweighs many of the big dogs. We all have come to recognize the Chihuahua as the one and only “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” dog, but the fame doesn’t stop there. This dog has starred in a … Continued

Standing out from the pack isn’t always easy, but the Yorkshire Terrier has it down to a science. It’s easy to see why the Yorkie tops the charts as the sixth most popular breed. With its long luscious locks, cute little top-knot, and fluffy face, the Yorkie captures attention wherever it goes. This little bundle … Continued

As pet owners, we will do anything to ensure that our dogs are healthy and safe. However, the cost of pet care continues to grow, making it much harder to budget for surprise vet bills. Veterinary charges are one of the major costs a dog owner will have to deal with, but it doesn’t have … Continued

Since the 1980s, significant advances have been made in the field of animal assisted therapy. These days, there are many organized therapy dog groups providing educational materials to volunteers. Breeds and individual dogs are screened for training by these organizations, and even insurance can be provided for those willing to enroll their canine companion in … Continued

Looking around in the “mid-size” section for your next canine companion? If the traits you are looking for include: experienced, loyal, high-energy, and fun-loving—the Boxer just might be for you. The Origin of Boxers The AKC recognized the Boxer as an official breed in 1904, making it (believe it or not) a relative newcomer as … Continued

Everyone knows the tried and true expression, “work like a dog.” It may seem contradictory when we look at our own furry family members’ happy life of leisure, but there are many of our canine friends who happily put in many hours of work every day. Working dogs put in a full day’s work just … Continued

Betsy Farms Love Your Pet Valentine’s Day Infographic In honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked the Betsy Farms community how much they loved their pets. The results? They may surprise you! Turns out, Valentine’s Day is all about the puppy love. Take a look at the full results on our infographic below to see how … Continued

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. While you have (hopefully) already planned out your special night of romance with your other half, there is also a Valentine you may have missed. Your furry family members are loved and cherished so they deserve to have a special Valentine’s Day too, right? Don’t worry, we’ve got … Continued

Last year’s reports that hundreds of pet deaths and thousands of pet illnesses attributed to unsafe jerky treats sparked a newfound fear in the safety of dog treats imported from China. This prompted a flurry of recalls and major retailers moved to ban treats from China. In fact, Petco has now stopped the sale of … Continued

Veterans Day is a holiday where the nation recognizes the hard work and sacrifice our soldiers give when defending the country. It’s obvious that families significantly miss their loved ones when they are abroad. It should also be no surprise that family pets miss their owners just as much (if not even more). This Veterans … Continued

From Hollywood stardom to bestselling books, there are only a handful of dogs who have risen to the top of celebrity ranks more than most of their human friends are able to do. We are not talking about simple popularity or quick glimpses of the limelight. These famous pups have long resumes, world renowned projects, and … Continued

As pet parents, we are often confused about whether or not pet treats are healthy for our furry family, and safe to use as part of their diet. Treats for dogs can absolutely be a healthy and safe addition to your pet’s diet as long as the right treats are used and they are used … Continued

New Line of High-Quality Dog Treats with American Raised Poultry, Offers Pet Owners Peace-of-Mind EAGLE, Idaho (October 30, 2013)—Betsy Farms, makers of quality snacks for dogs, today announced the launch of a signature line of tasty jerky recipe treats that are not only made in the U.S.A, but also only use real chicken, turkey and … Continued

We know your pets are like family. Because of that, Betsy Farms jerky treats are made in America with lots of love and care, as if we were making them for our own families. Recently there has been a lot of concern over dog jerky treats. Links between jerky made overseas and death or sickness … Continued

Michelle Fern talks to veterinarian Dr. Liz Hanson about the recent news about the dangers of Jerky treats for dogs.  As you may know, this is an ongoing crisis, as the FDA still does not know why dogs are getting sick/dying.  Dr. Liz Hanson is an expert in offering tips for pet owners on a number of subjects.  … Continued