Any pet owner knows you can’t believe every animal stereotype you hear. Our favorite fluffy ones all have their own distinct personality and traits. These five Instagram accounts show us one more mold can be broken: dogs and cats can get along. Check out these five friendships that remind us how much fun you can … Continued

Calling all Greyhound lovers (no, not the drink)! April is National Adopt-a-Greyhound Month! There is no time like the present to get out there and help a greyhound find his or her forever home. The reality is that many of these dogs are sent for adoption after their racing days are over. Sadly, many of … Continued

Spring has sprung and for some of us that could mean one thing…time to spruce up the place with some spring cleaning! As pet owners, all the dirt and grime that accumulates in the house during those dreary winter months has you feeling a little down and out. Understandably you could be holding off because … Continued

The backyard is the dog’s ultimate playground. Full of new scents, sounds, and plenty of things to dig those paws into…simply put, it is a dog’s oasis. With the warm weather approaching or having arrived (depending on where you live) we have to be sure that our backyard is ready for the hours that will … Continued

It’s almost Spring Break baby!  For those of us that plan on taking a little break from our hectic lives within the coming weeks, an exotic getaway to somewhere warm might be on the horizon, or perhaps you have no plan at all but to see where the open road takes you. Whatever the case may … Continued