Choosing the Right Vet

Choosing The Right Veterinarian For Your Dog

Choosing The Right Veterinarian For Your DogAt Betsy Farms, our mission is to help dogs everywhere lead healthier, happier lives by creating the most wholesome, healthy, and delicious dog treats that money can buy. But while dogs may think that the world revolves around treats, any pet owner knows that even more important to your dog’s health is the care they get at the vet. Choosing a vet for your pup can be a challenge, so to help out, here’s our guide to choosing the right veterinarian for your dog.

How to Pick a Vet for Your Dog

In the process of picking out a veterinarian for your furry friend? Here are a few points to keep in mind that’ll help you make a choice that keeps your and your pet healthy and happy:

  • Get Philosophical: Just like pet owners, different vets have different philosophies on animal care. Take some time to understand your own philosophies on controversial areas like euthanasia, pet cancer care, chronic diseases, and other subjects, then find a vet that shares your outlook.
  • Know Their Hours: Once critical detail is to fully understand your vet’s office hours and policies. After all, you may love your vet, but if they aren’t open when you need them they won’t do you any good.
  • Look for Busy: A full lobby may seem inconvenient, but it also likely means a high-quality establishment. When evaluating vets, busier is usually better.
  • Consider the Costs: Vet care can be expensive. While we all wish money was no object, the truth is that it matters, so make sure you understand your vet’s pricing and that it falls in an affordable range.
  • Watch Your Pup: Finally, remember that your dog is the one getting the care, not you! Keep a close eye on how your vet treats and interacts with your dog, and how your pup responds to the vet. Does your dog seem happy and relaxed, or tense and nervous? Some nerves are inevitable at the vet’s office, but you’ll want to choose a vet that has a good rapport with your four-legged friend.

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