Do Dogs See Differently than Humans?

At Betsy Farms, our mission is to make it easy to be a dog parent by providing premium, high-quality dog treats that support the health and happiness of your furry friend. But in addition to creating healthy dog treats and dog jerky, we strive to be a resource for a wide range of information surrounding man’s best friend. It’s a common belief that dogs only see in black and white, and it is true that dog vision works differently than that of humans – but the truth is a little more complicated. To help you understand more about your favorite four-legged animal, we wanted to answer the question of how dogs see in comparison to humans.

How Does Dog Vision Work?

Dogs do see the world differently than humans, but it’s not as simple as seeing in grayscale. To understand this difference, we first have to explore two kinds of cells inside the eyes that allow us to see: rods and cones. Cone receptors allow us to see different colors, while rods collect light and allow us to see in darker environments.

Dogs have fewer cone receptors than humans, which means instead of the three colors that humans see (red, green, and blue), dogs see only two colors. We have no way to know what those two colors are, although scientists believe they might be blue and yellow. So while dogs don’t see in black and white, the color spectrum they see is more limited than ours.

However, dogs do have one advantage over us: their eyes contain more rods than human eyes, which means they see better in the dark. Dogs also have a special piece of tissue in their eyes called the tapetum lucidum, that reflects light back into the retina, giving them another night vision boost. While it’s impossible to know exactly what it is a dog “sees,” some experts estimate it’s similar to what the world looks like to us around dusk.

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