Dog Treats 101: Your Guide to Healthy Dog Treats

465825429 (1)When it comes to rewarding your dog, it’s important to find dog treats that are tasty and healthy. Dog treats can be used for a variety of purposes such as positive reinforcement for good behavior, training your pup to become housebroken or learn new tricks, and even just to give your dog the appreciation they deserve.

Here are some things you should look for when choosing a treat for your furry best friend.



Healthy Dog Treats 101


Ingredients Matter in Dog Treats

Not all dog treats are created equal. There are important factors you must keep in mind when purchasing treats for your pet. First and foremost, you should select treats that are made from natural, wholesome ingredients. Always read a treat’s ingredient list to ensure there are natural ingredients included and look to make sure meat is the first ingredient, not less expensive fillers.

Made in the USA All the Way!

Understand where the treat is manufactured. The safest bet when choosing healthy treats for your dog is to select products that are not only made in the USA, but are also made of ingredients sourced in the USA. This makes sure there are no issues with foreign products whose production regulations can be less stringent.

Looking for a Treat or Something More?

You may just be looking for fun and healthy treat for your dog. But some treats are not only tasty, they can have added health benefits for your dog as well. Offering your pup treats with dental aid, daily vitamins, ingredients to improve their coat’s health and shine, and hip and joint help can be a win-win for both you and your dog. They will get a tasty delight while you will be reassured that they’re staying healthy.

Be Aware of Food Allergies

Since each pet is unique, there are some that need extra attention in the health arena. A dog, just like a human, can have digestive issues and/or food allergies. When picking out treats for your pooch, it’s always important to make sure the treat doesn’t contain anything that will upset your dog’s stomach or make them sick.

Size Matters in Dog Treats

The size of your dog is also something to consider when choosing your pet treats. You wouldn’t want a Chihuahua eating the same amount of treats that a German shepherd gets, or vice-versa! Always look at the daily recommended feeding amounts or the product’s specified dog size when rewarding your pup, as in this case size matters.

Why Give My Dog Treats?

Using treats for positive reinforcement is one of the best tools your family has when training your dog. To be more effective when training, you should reward your dog with a treat for calm behavior or for performing a trick immediately after the appropriate action. Handing out treats when they are energetic or when they haven’t performed the required task will be detrimental to the process. Consistency is key in the beginning stages of training so that your pup will understand exactly what is expected.

Although you love your pet, it’s important not to give your dog a treat when they are misbehaving, as they will assume this means that type of behavior is acceptable.

Dog treats are an important part of any dog’s life; therefore, you want to pick the best treats for your pooch. While there are many treat products to choose from, every family should consider a treat’s ingredients and health benefits as well as a dog’s food allergies and size to make an informed purchasing decision. Your pup will appreciate your hard work, especially when they receive the savory healthy dog treats as their reward.