Ease Separation Anxiety

How to Ease Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

We all love the affection of our four-legged friends, but sometimes, this has a dark side: they can’t stand it when we’re away. Separation anxiety in dogs is common, especially in the period after first bringing them home. Separation anxiety may cause dogs to bark incessantly, chew up furniture, scratch doors, or have “accidents” anytime you’re out of the house, and it can also be a very stressful experience for your dog. At Betsy Farms, we strive to make caring for your dog a little easier by offering wholesome, healthy dog snacks as well as helpful tips on pet parenting – so here are a few ways to ease separation anxiety.

Dealing with Separation Anxiety in Dogs

If your furry friend has a hard time handling your absence, there are a number of tools you can use to ease their worries. Severe cases of separation anxiety will require a more rigorous, long-term approach to fixing, and we recommend working with a trainer for best results. But for more mild cases, here are a few simple ways to ease your pup’s separation anxiety:

  • Get a Puzzle Treat: One great way to ease anxiety is to use a puzzle treat, which is a treat intentionally designed to make it hard for your dog to eat it. Usually, these are rubber toys with hard-to-reach chambers that you stuff with peanut butter. Only give your dog this treat when you leave, and be sure to pick it up as soon as you’re back.
  • Leave Them Clothes: Another tip is to leave out clothes that smell like you whenever you’re gone. Keep in mind that accidents happen, so don’t go leaving any silk blouses – but a well-worn T-shirt will keep your scent and reassure your dog while you’re gone.
  • Keep It Chill: Dogs with separation anxiety usually get extremely excited when you get home, and it’s tempting to give them extra attention on your return. But all this does is encourage the behavior by making them think of your absence as a big deal. Instead, keep it low-key whenever you leave or return, and try ignoring your dog for the first couple minutes after getting home.

Try Our Healthy Dog Snacks Today

In addition to these tips, few things soothe a pup quite like a healthy, delicious treat, and at Betsy Farms, we’ve got just the thing. Our dog jerky, dog grillers, and dog treats are made from natural ingredients right here in the USA, so we can stand behind their quality 100%. Find a store near you to see where you can try our healthy dog snacks today. We hope that, combined with these tips, they help your pup feel as calm and safe as possible whenever you’re gone!