Easy to Love: Meet the English Bulldog

The friendly English Bulldog has a way of stealing our hearts. It could be its wrinkles and pudgy face or its loveable personality. The Bulldog is known for being the most famous canine mascot for countless sports teams, military institutions, universities and schools and according to the AKC is the 4th most popular breed in the United States. This breed is just too cute for words, and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you some facts and details about this awesome dog!

English Bulldog Origins

The English Bulldog is an ancient breed, dating back almost 500 years. Surprisingly, the friendly Bulldog was very aggressive and much taller in the early years. The reason for this was that the Bulldog’s job was to bait bulls. The dog would grab the bull by the nose and hold on for as long as it possibly could. Without TV or any form of technology, this was one of the only sources of entertainment for noblemen and royalty. In the 1800s, as bull baiting declined in popularity and became illegal, the Bulldog’s fame began to do the same. Thankfully a group of Bulldog enthusiasts saw the potential the Bulldog possessed and through careful and selective breeding developed the love-a-bull Bulldog we know and love today.

friendly bulldog smile

The Bulldog Makes One Great Mascot

The Bulldog makes one of the best canine mascots around. It’s easy to see why–their personalities, looks, and a long history of determination and strength in the face of battle is hard to look past. The U.S. Marine Corps have been using an English Bulldog as their mascot since 1922. His name is Chesty after Lt. General Lewis “Chesty” Puller, and he lives in the marine barracks. Chesty is responsible for attending weekly parades and local Marine Corps events. Uga is also another very popular Bulldog mascot who has been representing the University of Georgia Bulldogs since 1965.

Bulldogs Are Susceptible to Overheating

The Bulldog is very susceptible to overheating and is considered an indoor dog. For the flat-faced Bulldog, too much exercise and stress can make it difficult for them to breathe. The difficulty breathing can cause them to overheat faster than most dogs. Never leave your Bulldog outside for extended periods of time if it is hot. The heat can be very dangerous and possibly deadly since it is incredibly hard for their bodies to handle. Keeping them in a cool indoor location during the day is extremely important.

english bulldog puppy

Bulldogs Aren’t Very Good Swimmers

With their short, stubby bodies and oversized, large heads the English Bulldog can be slightly top-heavy. The shape of their body and size of their head makes it very difficult for them to swim and stay afloat. For these guys, swimming would seem like a great way to beat the heat. Unfortunately, unless the dog is wearing a life vest, and you’re around to supervise, it is best to keep your Bulldog away from the water.

standing english bulldog

Bulldogs Make Great Companions

The English Bulldog makes a great family member. They do great with children, other pets, and just about every human. This breed is easy going and enjoys a relaxed lifestyle with the people it loves. These bundles of joy are energetic and high-spirited but tend to calm down as they grow older. They also require minimal exercise and can be considered “couch potatoes” at times.
If you are thinking about getting a dog, why not make it the English Bulldog? We love them, and we are positive you will too!

english bulldog says hi to a kitten