How to Show Your Dog How Much You Love It

how to show your dog you love it on valentines day

No one said Valentine’s Day was only for couples. Show your dog how much you love it this February by doing at least one of these five things. You both will enjoy the extra time spent together!

Go For a Long Walk

One-on-one time is an essential part of any relationship, and a walk around the neighborhood is a great way to bond with your dog. If the weather outside is frightful, then have your fluffy friend tag along to a dog-friendly store for some exercise and quality time.

Buy a Favorite Treat

You may be tempted to slip your dog a piece of Valentines chocolate, but man’s best friend wants a delicious treat meant for him! From the new, high in protein Betsy Farms’ Grillers that are made with American raised chicken, to the all-natural Piglies Premium Pig Ears that promote oral health by helping to remove plaque, you can find a Betsy Farms treat your dog will crave.

Throw the Ball Around

A ball, a rope, a stuffed animal—whatever the toy, taking the time to play is a great way to show affection. Drag your dog’s favorite toy out from where it landed after the last playtime, or consider replacing it if it’s looking a little worn out from all that love.

how to show your dog you love it on valentines day

Visit the Dog Park

If your pup loves socializing with other four-legged creatures, then set aside time during the day to stop by the local dog park. The off-leash areas are often the most fun for dogs as they can race around and play. Who knows, you may make some new friends yourself!

Dress for the Occasion

There’s no better way to get in the festive spirit than with the proper attire. You can invest in a colorful costume for the holiday, like this adorable love bug ensemble by Casual Canine. Or keep it simple with an on-theme bandanna or headband for Fido.

The greatest gift you can give your dog this Valentine’s Day is attention and love!