Five Reasons why Adopted Pets are the Best Pets

cute shelter dog adoption When thinking of adding a four-legged addition to your family it’s important to consider all options, including adoption. Whether your family needs a new guard dog, snuggle buddy, watchdog, or hunting companion, you can find exactly the type of canine you need amidst the millions of shelter dogs just waiting for the chance to become your best friend.

Since November is national Adoption Awareness month, we are bringing awareness to another kind of adoption and giving you the top five reasons why adopted pets are the best pets:

Adopting a Pet Means Saving a Life

There are approximately six to eight million dogs that reside in animal shelters . Out of those shelter dogs, about three to four million are euthanized each year. Adopting a dog will not only ensure that your family takes home a new furry addition to love, but also guarantees that you will be saving a life. It’s a win-win situation. Shelter dogs need new families to love and adore them while your family will benefit from the companionship and stress-relief that a new pup can provide.

Adoption Costs Are Low

When purchasing a pup through a pet store or breeder, the costs (especially for pure-bred breeds) can reach the thousands. Adoption costs, on the other hand, range from $50 to $200 depending on the shelter and whether it is a breed rescue, charity organization, or affiliated with a city.

Many Adopted Dogs Come Housetrained

When getting a new puppy from a store or breeder, there’s always time and commitment that comes with house training a new pet. On the other hand, shelter dogs are, on average, already housetrained. Avoid the hassle and potential stains that come with training a dog to go to the bathroom outside and adopt an animal that already has it figured out!

Adopting a Pet Can Ensure a Healthy Pet

When most shelters acquire a new dog there are health checks and processes that they must complete. Most shelters want to be sure your new best bud is as healthy as he can be for adoption, so they often arrange for vaccinations and other medical care. Even further, a lot of shelters spay or neuter a dog before they’re adopted to make sure there aren’t any surprise puppies for your family (no matter how much your kids would enjoy it). In general, shelter dogs are kept healthy and happy and are just waiting for you to come take them home.

Adopted Pets Are Full of Love

Love from a dog is unconditional. Who wouldn’t want that in their family’s life? Owning a pet can provide needed stress-relief, personal companionship, fun playtime, and many other distractions from the daily grind. An adopted dog will offer a loving presence in your family’s life even more so. Rescue a pup and that pup will shower your family with adoration and gratitude every day.

A dog can fill a lot of roles that are missing in your family. Whether you’re looking for a new cuddle buddy to snuggle up to after a long-hard day or an avid listener that is there for you through thick and thin (as long as you reward them with healthy dog treats for their time), a shelter dog can be the best buddy that your family needs. So, adopt a dog today!