Five Tips to Help Your Dog and Pets Adapt to Colder Weather

Winter is coming and with the changes in weather your four-legged family member will need help preparing for the upcoming months. Although autumn and winter bring about exciting holiday and family fun, all families need to be aware of how colder weather and holiday accessories may affect your puppy’s happiness and health.

Betsy Farm’s following five tips will best prepare your family for the upcoming weather and see that you enjoy the most wonderful time of year with your best buddy.

Five Tips to Help Your Dog Adapt to Colder Weather


Winter Grooming is a Must For Healthy Pets 

This tip goes hand and hand with thinking about warmth for your favorite pet. If your pet’s breed doesn’t need as much outerwear protection, make sure your best bud gets his winter grooming. A dog’s coat is the best defense against cooler temperatures and a winter cut will make sure they are best prepared. They’ll love you even more for your attention to detail and snuggle up to you by the fireplace once back indoors.

Be Aware of Poisonous Plants

There are plants that are traditional household holiday decorations that you may not realize can be poisonous to your dog. To avoid problems, you should not display holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia plants in pet accessible areas. If you’re looking for a traditional alternative, pumpkin is a fantastic solution. Offering canned pumpkin along with your Betsy Farms healthy pet treats as a holiday treat for your best bud has serious benefits. Not only is it a good source of vitamin E, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Potassium but pumpkin also helps a dog’s digestive tract when he’s feeling under the weather.

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Protect Your Dog’s Feet with Dog Boots

This time of year is known for its colder rain and snow. To protect your dog’s feet from the inevitable salt on the driveway and resulting cold-weather paw chafing, look into purchasing some dog boots. Although getting used to using them sometimes takes time, you can train your pup to become more acquainted with dog shoes by rewarding them with healthy dog treats.

Ensure Your Canine Keeps Warm with Sweaters/Water Resistant Outerwear

During the winter and fall months, your favorite fur ball should definitely become an indoor dog. To avoid your pet’s hesitation toward venturing out for their daily walks, give them some extra warmth by adding a dog sweater or weather/water resistant outerwear. Not only will your pooch appreciate the extra layer against colder weather, but a winter wardrobe for dogs also can be fun and fashionable.

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Provide a Cozy Sleeping Spot

While indoors, it can be easy to forget that your dog needs weather protection inside as well. Winter-proof your best friend’s sleeping area by adding a blanket and/or an extra pillow. If you think your family finds snuggling under the covers enjoyable during the winter, your dog will enjoy it as much, if not more.


Your doggies and pets have a great natural ability to adapt to the changing seasons, often more so than their human parents. While their coats and behavior will change with ease, following these tips for your pups will keep healthy pets happy throughout the autumn season and into the holidays.