Say Hello to One Smart Dog: The German Shepherd

german shepherd dog traits breed

From serving with the military to starring on the big screen, German Shepherds have been saving and entertaining people for ages.

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular dogs in the world—and also happens to be one of the smartest. This beautiful, bright dog’s origins trace back to its role as a sheepherder where it learned its hard work ethic.

Think you may want to bring a German Shepherd home? Read on before deciding if this dog is the best fit for you.

One Smart Puppy

German Shepherds are known for their intellect and trainability. One of the most famous dogs in film history is Rin Tin Tin. This talented pup was rescued from a World War I battlefield by an American soldier before appearing in 27 movies. It’s no guarantee that your German Shepherd will have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but you will definitely have a smart, loyal dog if you choose this special breed.

Barking from Boredom

While your German Shepherd may never work with Brad Pitt, training is still essential. German Shepherds can become bored if they aren’t stimulated, and training classes provide an opportunity to stretch their brain muscles. If a German Shepherd is bored, you could face problems with digging, chewing and barking. This is an active dog, so if you don’t have time for daily walks or live in a small space, you might consider another breed.

german shepherd dog traits breed

Play Nice with Strangers

A training class is also a great opportunity to introduce your German Shepherd to other dogs and humans. German Shepherds are a dominant dog breed that is protective by nature. Socialize the dog from an early age so that they are able to identify between welcome and unwelcome strangers, and to stop aggression issues early on. While the German Shepherd can be aloof toward strangers, you will likely have a very loving dog that is loyal to his family and good with kids.

If you are on the hunt for one smart dog, then the German Shepherd is for you. While your German Shepherd may never see his name in lights, you can be sure that this dog will be the star of your family.