Doggone, It’s Time to Meet the Great Dane!

Fans of the funny papers will recognize the Great Dane breed from the famous comic strip, “Marmaduke.” But perhaps the most famous dog inspired by the breed is the mystery solving sleuth himself: Scooby-Doo. There’s a reason why Great Danes keep making their way into the spotlight. The Great Dane is a gentle, attentive pup that would be a welcome addition in most homes.

facts about the great dane dog breed

Gentle Giant

Looks can be deceiving—the massive Great Dane is known as the “World’s Largest Lapdog” and is great with kids. If you’re in search of a companion, the Great Dane is for you. This dog is very people-orientated and loves to spend quality time with its owners. You may find him trying to crawl onto your lap while you’re on the sofa, or perhaps sitting on your feet when you’re watching TV.

Good Looks

This colossal pup can stand as high as 32 inches at the shoulder. While the Dane is tall, this is no clumsy, towering dog. The Great Dane is the picture of elegance with a smooth, easy stride and sleek coat. A Great Dane’s coat comes in a variety of colors, including fawn, harlequin (white and black patches), blue and black. There is one major pitfall of this breed: drooling. You may find yourself following this mammoth around with a towel.

facts about the great dane dog breed

Training Tips

While Great Danes tend to be very loving breeds, it’s important that puppies receive training at a young age to nip behavioral issues and possible aggression in the bud. Great Danes will respond to positive, cheerful training best because it is a sensitive breed. This is one dog that doesn’t need to be trained to be a watchdog, as its mere size and power bark will scare off unwanted visitors.

You won’t regret bringing the lovable Great Dane into your family. This loyal dog that will keep you company and provide a sense of protection.