Have you “Herd” About the Australian Shepherd?

The Australian Shepherd is the ideal herding dog. This breed is smart, adventurous, and extremely hard working. It is also a great family dog and very playful! With its beautiful coat and eyes, it is easy to see why the Aussie is adored by so many, and what’s not to love? They are the epitome of a true companion. For us to fall a little more in love (if that is even possible), let’s dive a little deeper into this breed’s background.

two aussies kissing

The Origin of the Australian Shepherd

With a name like Australian Shepherd, one might think that this breed originated in Australia, but oddly enough that isn’t the case. This breed originated in a Basque region between Spain and France before mainly developing in the United States. The name Australian Shepherd came about because of the Basque sheepherders who were coming to the United States from Australia in the 1800s.

With its versatility and intelligence, the Australian Shepherd grew wildly popular after WWII, during the days of western riding. Ranchers and farmers saw the dog useful for its strong herding instincts and trainability.

Purebred australian shepherd dog

Australian Shepherds Love to Work

As a herding breed, the Australian Shepherd has a strong work ethic and likes to keep busy throughout the day. This dog is a natural worker – whether it is on the farm herding the livestock, guarding the homestead, competing in dog events, or protecting the household. Giving this energetic breed a “job” can prevent them from becoming bored and developing destructive behavior like digging or chewing. Understanding their innate desires, and being able to train them with dog treats can lead to a favorable environment for everyone.

Due to their high level of intelligence and trainability, Aussies have also used their talents for many other things like search and rescue, handicap work, aiding the blind, and much more.

Australian Shepherd Dog

The Unique Look of an Aussie

With a wide variety of patterns and colors on each coat, there is no denying that the Australian Shepherd is one beautiful pup. There are four different colors that this breed falls under – black, blue merle, red, or red merle.

What’s even more noticeable are the eyes of the Aussie. Depending on the color of the coat, each dog can have any color or combination of colors from amber, hazel, glass blue, or brown. Having two different color eyes is a common trait among Australian Shepherds.four Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is cute, versatile, and fun! It is clear that this beloved dog makes a great pet and lives up to the phrase “working like a dog.”