Here’s 5 Gifts Your Dog Wants for Christmas

5 christmas gift ideas for your dog

Your dog may be pretty easy to please, but why not buy him the perfect gift for Christmas this year? We decided to play Santa Claus and rounded up five gift ideas that we think any dog will love.

Safe and Bright

Your dog wants to make sure you’re both safe when you go on walks. The Litey Leash is an illuminated dog leash that makes you and your pup visible to traffic more than a quarter of a mile away. Litey Leash shines brightly thanks to nine LED lights that run the entire length of the leash.

Tantalizing Treats

While you’re sipping on cocoa and snacking on sugar cookies, don’t forget that your dog loves tasty treats too! Betsy Farms’ treats are made in the USA with natural, quality ingredients. You’re sure to find a treat your dog will crave, like the new mouth-watering, high in protein Grillers.

Bye-Bye Loneliness

Tech-savvy pups will love staying in touch with their owners while they’re away with the Pawbo interactive wireless pet camera. The camera allows owners to interact with their pet thanks to the camera and microphone. Pawbo features a laser pointer for playtime, and a treat dispenser for when doggy is good!

5 christmas gift ideas for your dog

Two of a Kind

Thanks to companies such as Cuddle Clones, you can own a custom plush version or a figurine of your pet. Now you never have to be far from a reminder of your dog thanks to these companies that craft custom replicas. Cuddle Clones also offers plush slippers, golf club covers, jewelry, and memorials.

Hello Mr. Postman

Go above and beyond this year with the gift that keeps on giving: a monthly subscription box. These subscriptions deliver a curated offering of dog treats, toys, and accessories to your doorstep. There’s plenty of monthly subscription boxes to choose from, but RescueBox uses your payments to help feed and vaccinate animals in need.

From delicious treats to high-tech products, the gift choices for your dog are endless. No matter what Santa Claus brings your pup for Christmas this year, we know that your love is the best gift of all.