How To Keep Your New Puppy Safe

So – your pregnant pooch finally gave birth and produced a litter of adorable, tiny new pups. We’re sure she’s proud and you’re beyond excited, but it’s also important to be careful. Newborn pups are vulnerable creatures, and you’ll need to take good care of them to keep them healthy and safe in the beginning. At Betsy Farms, we’re proud to craft healthy dog treats for pups all over the nation, but we strive to be a resource for every part of dog ownership. Here are a few simple tips to keep a newborn puppy safe in its first weeks of life.

Caring for Newborn Puppies

The key to keeping newborn pups healthy is to keep them clean and warm. This means you’ll want to choose a warm area of your home for their shelter, keeping them well away from vents or drafts. To make their enclosure, you’ll want a simple box big enough to comfortably accommodate the litter with walls high enough to keep the puppies in but low enough for the mother to come in and out easily. Line the enclosure with plenty of newspaper to keep it clean, and feel free to add towels for extra insulation. Finally, place a thermometer on the side of the enclosure so you know if the puppies are at a safe temperature: they should be kept around 85º to 90º for the first 4 days, after which 80º or so is fine.

Generally, the mother will take care of cleaning them. However, if the mother rejects the litter, you’ll want to give them light baths to keep them clean. Make sure to regularly clean out stools and change the enclosure lining to keep it clean, but make sure to count all puppies before and after – it’s easy for a pup to get lost under a towel, which may lead to an injury if you don’t realize while you’re cleaning.

Buy Healthy Snacks for Your Dog Today

For the first several weeks, puppies should drink only their mother’s milk or formula, and you should only use age-appropriate food once they’re old enough for solid food. However, they’ll need healthy dog snacks as they grow, and their mom is certainly entitled to a few treats. Thankfully, our premium healthy dog treats are made from wholesome ingredients right here in the US and designed to delight dogs of every breed. Try our dog treats to see why dogs everywhere love them: find a store near you today!