3 Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds for Allergy Sufferers

Allergy sufferers may fear they have to skip the honor of having a dog, but it’s not true! There are plenty of hypoallergenic dogs that are ideal for those who find themselves sneezing.

No dog is 100 percent hypoallergenic, but there are plenty of pooches that have less of the dander that tends to irritate allergies.

While there’s your traditional Labradoodle or Poodle to choose from, the options don’t end there. These three unique dogs are just an example of the many dogs that you can bring home without worrying about watery, itchy eyes.

American Hairless Terrier hypoallergenic dog breeds betsy farms treats

American Hairless Terrier

Not only does the American Hairless Terrier not have hair for you to worry about, it also doesn’t get fleas!

Use all that money you save on flea and tick treatments for Betsy Farms treats, toys, and sunscreen. This hairless pup can burn easily if you don’t apply sunscreen when heading outside.

The American Hairless Terrier was once a part of the Rat Terrier family, until a mutation resulted in this hairless version being born.

Brown Lagotto Romagnolo hypoallergenic dog betsy farms breed Lagotto Romagnolo

You may be the only owner at the dog park with a Lagotto Romagnolo—there are only about 500 of this gorgeous breed in the US! Keep an eye on your backyard though, this Italian dog loves to dig as it was first bred for hunting truffles.

This affectionate pup is great with kids and would be a wonderful addition to your family. The Lagotta Romagnolo’s thick, curly coat can be brown, white, or gray, and requires regular grooming

giant schnauzer puppy hypoallergenic dogs betsy farms


Giant, medium or small, you can pick your ideal size when it comes to the Schnauzer! This regal canine is smart, loyal, and easy to train. Sound ideal? It’s also great with kids.

This breed was initially bred to hunt rats, but has been used throughout the years for important tasks, such as carrying messages for the Red Cross in times of war. We said the Schnauzer was one smart puppy!

You’ll find the Schnauzer usually has either a pure black or “salt and pepper” coat.

Still haven’t found your ideal hypoallergenic pup? There are plenty of sources about dogs that are great for those with allergy, such as this helpful list from the American Kennel Club.