Meet the Irish Setter: The Dog that Does it All

We thought we would bring a little luck of the Irish your way and give you the lowdown on one of the most beautiful and spunky dogs–the Irish Setter! Find out more about this stunning breed. We promise you’ll fall in love with them, just like we did.

Origin of the Irish Setter

If you couldn’t guess, this dog has a wee bit o’ Irish in them! This breed originated in Ireland during the 18th century, intended to be a field hunting dog. During its early stages, this dog’s coat had multiple colorings. It wasn’t until the 19th century that the rich red color we see today became popular. While this breed’s exact ancestry is unknown, they are likely a combination of English Setters, Pointers, Gordon Setters, and spaniels.

In the mid 19th century, the Irish Setter arrived in America, with the first being a dog named Elcho. Famous not only in the show ring but also in the field, Elcho helped to grow the Irish Setter’s popularity in the United States. The breed became AKC registered in 1878.

trio of irish setters running across snow

Irish Setters are Canine Athletes

The Irish Setter is a great pet for the avid outdoorsman (or woman)! Irish Setters are known for their keen hunting abilities; this dog is the definition of a true companion and is willing to follow its owner into just about any terrain. As part of the sporting group, it is no surprise that this pup is active, energetic, and makes a great bird dog, but its laundry list of skills doesn’t stop there. This dog can really do it all. Maybe you are looking for the perfect companion in dog sports? The Irish Setter stands out in conformation competitions, and rocks at agility, tracking, and much more.

Hanging out with the family is another pastime this breed enjoys. After a long day hunting or competing, relaxing at home with its loved ones is just fine for an Irish Setter.

three irish setter puppies

Irish Setter Personality & Care

Did we mention this dog has a lot of energy? With all their liveliness, it is important to know that the Irish Setter needs plenty of exercise on a daily basis, and preferably a big backyard to run around in. Some might even consider their personalities to be very puppy-like, so be warned; if they don’t get enough playtime they could become destructive around the house and cause mischief.

This carefree and joyful breed makes everyone in the family feel loved. And the Irish Setter doesn’t leave anyone out, it gets along great with other children and pets.

While we could go on and on about all the great qualities this breed has, you really have to meet one of these lovable redheads to appreciate their engaging personalities. Next time you meet an Irish setter, you might just be a wee bit jealous of their owner.

irish setter wearing cool sunglasses