Keep Older Dogs Healthy

How To Keep Your Older Dog Healthy & Happy

How To Keep Your Older Dog Healthy & Happy

At Betsy Farms, we’re proud to create healthy dog treats from delicious, all-natural ingredients. We do this because we believe dogs everywhere deserve tasty dog snacks that support their health and lifestyle – but as any dog owner knows, properly caring for a pet involves much more than healthy dog snacks. That’s especially true for dogs that are getting a little long in their dog years – so here are a few tips on how to keep older dogs healthy and happy.

Tips for Caring for Older Dogs

Is your most loyal friend getting a little slower in stride? While we all wish our four-legged companions could live in the bliss of puppyhood forever, aging is an inevitable part of any dog’s life. Here are a few ways you can support the health and happiness of your older dog and help keep that tail wagging for years to come:

  • Keep Up With Activity: When it comes to your dog’s muscular health, it’s use it or lose it. That means it’s important to maintain regular physical activity for as long as possible. Practicing the “sit” and “come” commands at every meal time will help keep your dog’s rear muscles strong, protecting their mobility into old age.
  • Watch Their Weight: Weight gain is a common problem in older dogs, and being overweight can lead to a host of other avoidable issues. Make sure to keep your pet within a healthy weight range by feeding them the appropriate amount of food and sticking to natural, healthy dog treats like our treats at Betsy Farms.
  • Try Raised Bowls: Letting your dog lie down to eat is a bad idea unless it’s absolutely necessary, as it can contribute to muscular decline. Consider elevating your dog’s food and water bowls to ensure they maintain vital strength and range of motion.
  • Keep Making Them Happy: Finally, remember that our dogs need daily love and joy even – or especially – in old age. Even if your pup can’t participate in the activities they once could, it’s crucial to find ways to keep giving them daily doses of love, joy, and tail wags.

Try Our Healthy Dog Snacks Today

The best way to support your dog in old age is to be proactive, starting the habits that will protect their health and happiness early on. And if you’d like to switch to a healthy, natural dog treat that’s designed to support quality of life, we can help. Find a Betsy Farms distributor near you to see where you can pick up some of our healthy dog jerky and other dog treats. We guarantee they’ll get your dog’s tail wagging at any age!