Meet the Most Beloved Dog: The Labrador Retriever

It is easy to see why the Labrador retriever takes the number one spot for the most popular dog breed. It’s not only extremely cute, but its temperament is hard not to like. These dogs love just about everyone and are guaranteed to put a big smile on anyone’s face. Let’s check out some more facts on this breed and see why it has topped the charts on the AKC for so many years.

The Labrador Retriever is Not Actually From Labrador

One would think that since the Labrador retriever is this dog’s name that it would be from Labrador! Well, unfortunately that isn’t the case. This dog actually is from Newfoundland. So why would it be named Labrador retriever if it isn’t even from there? Well your guess is as good as ours, but according to history, the third Early of Malmesbury decided to call them that and it has stuck ever since!Lab_Puppies

Labradors Love the Water

These pups are notorious for loving the water. It is no surprise that these dogs served as helpers for the local fisherman back in its early days. Their water repellent and dense coats made them the perfect dog for this task.  While it can’t be certain, many history buffs also suggest that this breed came from Newfoundland dog mixed with small local water dogs. Looks like it’s all in the genes!

The Lab Almost Became Extinct

Thinking about a world without Labradors is actually quite depressing. We would miss those cute faces and loveable personalities. Luckily the dog gods had another plan for these pups! In the late 1800’s families in Newfoundland were only allowed one dog and were required to pay a tax for owning a dog. The female dogs were taxed higher thus were often removed from litters. As a result, the breed almost became extinct.

After World War II the breed began to gain popularity and in 1991 became was named the most popular breed. What’s awesome, is that the Labrador has maintained that status ever since.



Living with the Lab

People love the labs personality and it’s really easy to see why. They are outgoing, sweet, and definitely a loyal companion. The Labrador enjoys pleasing its owner and does great with other pets, children and the pretty much the whole family. Due to their large amounts of energy they need to live in an environment where they are free to play or run outside to burn off that excess energy.

Labs also tend to be very mouthy so chances are they will find something to carry around whether it is a tennis ball, doggy bowl, or socks. But if you want them to keep from chewing up the furniture or other household items, make sure to train them early on using tasty treats!

Speaking of treats, it is important to not overdo it. This breed is prone to weight gain and obesity. Labs need plenty of regular exercise to ensure they stay happy and healthy for a long time.

The Labrador Retriever is the perfect dog for a person looking for a loving and caring lifelong companion. Once you own or meet one of these pups it is extremely easy to see why they are the most beloved breed.