Get to Know the Silly and Charming Pug

Pugs are unlike most breeds. For being small, they have huge personalities, and how can you look past those adorable wrinkles and that curly-cue tail? For obvious reasons we love the pug and others do too. This breed sure knows how to charm the pants off anyone.

wrinkly pug closeup face smiling

The Many Names of the Pug

Let’s start with the name! Where did it come from, and who can we thank for coming up with such a cute name!?  This breed’s name has actually varied many times in history, including Mops in Germany, Carlin in France, Chinese or Dutch Pug in England, and Dogullo in Spain. Some say the word “pug” actually comes from the Latin word pugnus, meaning fist. With the shape of the Pug’s head looking somewhat similar to a clenched fist, this may be the case. Other history buffs believe that the name came from the marmoset “Pug” monkey. Rumor has it that the Pug looked quite similar to this animal.

Pugs: The Prized Possession

Speaking of history, the Pug has an extremely charmed past. The other dogs could learn a thing or two from the Pug. Most likely, the Pug roots originated in China during the Han Dynasty, making this one of the oldest breeds of dogs. The Pug was considered prized by the Emperors of China, and their wrinkles resembled a symbol of good luck, which lead to the royal treatment and luxurious accommodations. Looks like being born cute has its perks!

In the 1500s, as China began trading this breed with European countries, this dog became a popular option for many royal households and famous Europeans. Name dropping just a few, William I, the Prince of Orange, Marie Antoinette, Josephine Bonaparte (wife of Napolean Bonaparte), and Queen Charlotte of England, all owned at least one Pug.

In 1885, the American Kennel Club recognized the Pug and it has been a very popular family pet ever since.

closeup of pug face

Multum in Parvo

Multum in Parvo, meaning “a lot in a little” is the perfect motto for this breed. Weighing in at a solid 14 – 20 pounds this breed is the largest of the toy group. Because of their size, they are prone to obesity. We know how hard it is to say no to those big brown eyes, but try to limit the treats, and if possible choose a healthy dog treat to keep their weight in check.

Never a Dull Moment

There really never is a dull moment when you live with a Pug, and for those who own one, they wouldn’t have it any other way. Pugs’ clownish personalities never fail at providing a good laugh on the daily; their playfulness and silly antics are just a few reasons so many people love them. They are bred to be companions and are extremely affectionate to its owner and family. They get along great with children and pets and love being around people. But Pugs aren’t always the little angels they may seem to be. Even though they may have been part of the royal households, at times they can be a royal pain in the you know what. Their mischievous personalities can sometimes get them into trouble, and not only that but they have a tendency to be stubborn and sedentary. The average Pug sleeps 14 hours a day. 14 HOURS! Might as well get a cat…

Surprisingly, the Pug is a watchdog extraordinaire. Barking at guests and staring intently out the window for the next stranger to walk by can keep them occupied for hours. Chances are they just want to protect their families because they love them so darn much!

It looks like not much has changed with the Pug from the beginning of time–everybody still loves them, and while it may not always get the royal treatment, it gets spoiled with treats, belly rubs, and lots of love. Go ahead, give your Pug a big old hug…you know you want to!

pair of pugs playing outdoors