Puli Breed: This Friendly Dog has an Unforgettable Look

Don’t feel bad if you confuse the Puli breed for a cleaning tool. The lively, affectionate pup’s unique coat resembles a mop more than a dog. But once you get a glimpse of that smiling face under the mane of hair, you’ll be smitten.

Hungarian Puli Breed Dog Betsy Farms Dog Treats

The Puli was first bred to herd sheep in Hungary, and can still be found roaming the hills of Hungary leading sheep around to this day. The breed still maintains that herding instinct and the intellect of a working dog.
Read on below to see if this dog is the one you’ve been missing in your life.

Eye-Catching Coat

The first thing you’ll notice about this dog is its thick, rope-like coat. Be warned though—the average dog groomer may not know how to care for corded dog hair like a Puli’s. If you’re a new Puli owner, chat with those who have owned the breed for a while for coat care tips.

You can leave the coat as is, brush it out, or cut it short. The Puli doesn’t shed much thanks to its coat texture, but you’ll want to separate the cords often to release the debris that can get caught in the thick hair.

Hungarian Puli Breed Dog Betsy Farms Dog Treats

Puppy Perfection

Pulik (the plural form of Puli) puppies aren’t born with shaggy hair, but with short, crimped hair. The hair is then separated by hand into cords by the time they are a year old. By the time the dog is mature, about four years old, the coat usually touches the ground.

Family Protector

The Puli is an energetic, cheerful pup that is loyal to his family. Pulik are often used as therapy dogs due to their sensitive nature that can sense the needs of the sick or elderly.
The breed can be very protective of their family, which can lead to being aggressive toward strangers or other dogs. Training is a good idea to nip that bad behavior in the bud.

Hungarian Puli Breed Dog Betsy Farms Dog Treats

Alpha Dog

As a natural herder, the Puli needs daily exercise, whether that involves a walk or a training activity. You may notice this dog using his herding skills to try to tell you when it’s time to go to bed, or attempting to get all of the family members in the same room. Make sure your Puli knows you’re the boss, or this stubborn dog may try to run the household.

If you’re on the hunt for a dog with a unique look and a winning personality, the Puli might be the one for you. Keep in mind this breed’s energy levels and high maintenance coat before you commit. If you’re willing to put in the time, the Puli is ready to be your loyal family dog.