What You Need to Know About Betsy Farms’ Safe American Made Dog Treats

Last year’s reports that hundreds of pet deaths and thousands of pet illnesses attributed to unsafe jerky treats sparked a newfound fear in the safety of dog treats imported from China. This prompted a flurry of recalls and major retailers moved to ban treats from China. In fact, Petco has now stopped the sale of all pet treats from China, and PetSmart is soon to follow suit.

As pet owners ourselves, we understand this fear for the health and safety of our furry family members. All of us at Betsy Farms want to give you peace of mind – our jerky treats are safe and remain unaffected by this health scare. The health and wellbeing of your pets are our top priority – so we want to show you how we ensure the safety of Betsy Farms’ jerky treats as well as provide information and helpful links for the ongoing investigation from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

How We Ensure the Safety of Betsy Farms’ Dog Treats


Betsy Farms’ poultry is not only “Made in the USA” but also raised in the USA.

Don’t be fooled by pet treats that simply state they are “Made in the USA,” which does not necessarily mean the products used are from the USA. Make sure you know where all the ingredients are sourced and made in the dog treats you are purchasing. Betsy Farms’ safe jerky treats are not only made in the USA, but also only use real chicken, turkey and duck raised in America. Using only animals raised in America allows for complete control over the quality of the poultry and the safety of the preparation process.

Our unique cooking process removes any harmful bacteria.

Our manufacturing facility in Springville, Utah, employs a unique dual heating process that eliminates potentially harmful bacteria. We use real poultry, which is pulverized, mixed with other ingredients and cooked again. This helps assure product safety while avoiding the use of harmful ingredients.

Betsy Farms only uses natural ingredients for our dog treats.

Our pet treats and jerky are also healthy and safe because of what you won’t find on the ingredient label. Our treats are free from wheat, preservatives, artificial colors, and artificial flavors. When you look at what’s in Betsy Farms jerky recipes, you’ll see what we see – natural ingredients that pets find delicious.

Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe

We’re very pleased that the FDA is now taking serious steps toward enforcing the safety of dog treats with new proposed rules and regulations. However, contaminated treats is an ongoing issue that has yet to be resolved so it is more important than ever that pet owners are vigilant about the quality of the foods they give their animals. Here are some tips to help you ensure the safety of your pets and the quality of your treats.

Keep up to date with new information and updated reports available.

Research the brands and treats that have been reported to the FDA or have issued a voluntary recall.  Check out the list of recalled foods and treats that The Humane Society of the United States keeps up to date. The FDA has also  made new information easily available to all pet owners. This fact sheet  provides a good overview of their investigation as well as important information about pet safety. A dedicated Q&A page for jerky pet treats answers pet owners’ most pressing questions in detail and is updated frequently as new information becomes available.

Report any incidents to the FDA

There are a couple of ways you can file a complaint with the FDA should you encounter or hear about any adverse reactions and incidents. To file a complaint by phone, contact a Consumer Complaint Coordinator in your area. Click here to find the coordinator that is assigned to your state.  Filing a complaint electronically is also available through the FDA’s Safety Reporting Portal.