7 Doggie Holiday Outfits for that Bow Wow Factor

Aside from the occasional looks of anguish on these dogs’ faces, we see no reason why the furriest member of the family can’t partake in the holiday festivities with an outfit all their own! We scoured the web and found some of the cutest and most reluctant participants in the yuletide dress up shenanigans. Here are the best dapper dandies of the bunch:

Simple, Yet Sophisticated

This one is pugcious, so much so that we had to create a new word to describe it. The Christmas light wrap is so in this year, and the Christmas tree crown just punctuates the sassy, “Why are you doing this to me?” look perfectly.

Santa’s Little Helper Can’t Be Helped

If the Simpson family dog somehow appeared in real life, it might just be wearing this costume. In all seriousness, this pooch has enormous patience, and it is paying off for his or her owners. This costume is actually fairly simple, with velcro attaching the two sides around the front of the chest while holding the cap perfectly in place on the dog’s head. Totes adorbs.

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Fashion On-The-Go

Headed to the dog park and want to show off you and your canine companion’s holiday cheer? Throw on a scarf (bandana) and hit the streets with confidence! Minimal hassle, ease of comfort, and look at that smile! #NailedIt.

It’s Impossible to Over-Accessorize (Maybe)

If you have a stubborn dress up participant, try a simple holiday cap, then accessorize for the photo with mugs and cookies, and don’t forget that offensive Starbucks cup! Bonus points can be found in the attic, along with that throw blanket your great aunt knitted for you back in 1997.

A Grinch is a Grinch, but It’s Christmas All The Same

There had to be a trial and error process here where a vast array of costumes were attempted, with this Golden Lab maintaining this face, before his or her owner finally went with the Grinch cap. There are rare moments when doggie fashion perfectly captures the emotion of the moment quite like this dissatisfied canine and that tiny little cap.

The Overkill

What follows below is the result of the “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it” squealing of a doggie owner as the holiday season insanity finally passes the brink. We have to level with you, though, we all kinda want to do the same thing. This image is perfect, the labradoodle is posing perfectly, and the ensemble is a perfect ten. Drink it in everyone, this is the pinnacle of holiday season cheer.

Dog Tested, Santa Approved

Speaking of going all out, the last phase of the holiday madness is waiting in line for two hours, battling children and their parents for prime line real estate, then finally achieving absolute victory with a pic of your dressed up dog in the arms of a mall Santa Claus. Watch out friends, family, and those loose acquaintances that don’t remember giving out your address – this Christmas card is already on its way to your mailbox. You can’t stop it; you can only hope to contain it.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you, yours, and your very patient and loving furry family members!