Spirited and Sweet: Meet the Yorkshire Terrier

Standing out from the pack isn’t always easy, but the Yorkshire Terrier has it down to a science. It’s easy to see why the Yorkie tops the charts as the sixth most popular breed. With its long luscious locks, cute little top-knot, and fluffy face, the Yorkie captures attention wherever it goes. This little bundle of joy can be sweet, sassy, and everything in between.

happy little yorkshire terrier puppy dog

The History of the Yorkie

What do you get when you mix a Scottish Terrier with an English Terrier? You get the foundation of the Yorkie breed. During the Industrial Revolution, many Scots settled in England, bringing with them the Scottish Waterside Terrier. It didn’t take long for the Scottie to meet the English Terrier and create our favorite little toy breed—the Yorkie. Yorkies were originally bred to hunt small animals and bait rats. Their small size made them ideal for capturing prey that had crept into areas other dogs could not reach.

For the first nine years of its existence, the new breed earned the name “broken-haired Scotch Terrier”. As the breed became more refined, it was eventually renamed after its place of origin in Yorkshire England.

Yorkshire Terriers became a fashion accessory for women during the Victorian era as the dogs were bred to even smaller sizes. Like some fashionistas and celebutants of today, Victorian women would carry this little dog around in bags and under their arms.

Huddersfield Ben: History’s Star Yorkie 

If you are a Yorkie super fan and haven’t heard this name by now, it’s time for an introduction! Huddersfield Ben was the big kahuna of Yorkies (or small kahuna in this case). He was the star of the sires and the one who put this breed on the map. Weighing in at a mere 9-12 pounds, this little guy made some big moves in his day. Registering in as many as 3,612 dog shows and winning over 70 prizes, Huddersfield Ben helped to bring national recognition to the breed.

yorkshire terrier puppies

What Makes Yorkies Great

Once you meet one of these precious pups, it’s hard not to fall in love with them. Although small in stature, they are known for their big hearts and huge personalities. High-spirited, full of energy, and with a need for adventure—the Yorkie makes a great companion for people of all ages. This pup loves being around people and is extremely devoted to its owner and family. And talk about smart! Training Yorkies is a breeze if leadership is established, and delicious doggie treats are involved. These little guys also make great competitors in obedience and agility sports.

Yorkies adapt easily to their surroundings and work well in many different homes, including apartments. They require limited exercise and are content with playing indoors or running through the yard thanks to their itty bit size.

Yorkies make for excellent companions and lifelong friends—providing laughs and memories to last a lifetime.