Spring Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

Spring has sprung and for some of us that could mean one thing…time to spruce up the place with some spring cleaning! As pet owners, all the dirt and grime that accumulates in the house during those dreary winter months has you feeling a little down and out. Understandably you could be holding off because you literally have no idea where to even begin. Well luckily we are here to help! Here we have the tips for all you dog owners to get you started.

Deep Clean the Dog’s Bedding, Your Bedding, and the Couch  

Our dogs are like puppies again once spring hits. One day they can’t get off the couch and next thing you know the sun is out and they are anxiously scratching at the door. They can’t wait to get outside to roll in the grass and dig in the plants.  All that time wasting away the days lazily stooped up on couch and beds in the house is officially over. What better time to do a deep clean of these spots and start fresh! A trusty old vacuum is always a good go-to but if vacuuming isn’t enough, try removing the couch cushion covers and washing each of them. Some dog beds also come with removable covers as well. If this is the case, throw it in the washer to get it extra clean! Your dog will definitely appreciate it.


Get Rid of the Dog Hair

Somehow, someway dog hair gets everywhere – the couch, the car, stuck in the carpet, you name it. And while it is almost impossible to get rid of completely, vacuuming can help maintain the hair on the carpet and couch. A little secret trick to try beforehand is to dust baking soda over the carpets. This will loosen up the hair from the fibers and deodorize it as well.

If the hair is on your other non-upholstered furniture like wood or glass (which chances are high it is), try using a microfiber cloth and a light damp spray. The hair will stick to the electrostatic charge that the cloth has.

A lint roller can always be a handy dandy tool to use for clothes and other items on the go as well. Keep one in your purse or car in case you ever need a quick swipe before heading out!

Clean out the Toy Bin

Go through the bin and look for old toys with wear and tear. If the fluff is hanging out it is probably a good idea to get rid of it. Your dog will chew on it, swallow it, and it is a dangerous choking hazard. Any toys that have missing parts or look like they are being eaten by your dog should also be thrown away. Fortunately, some toys just need a good cleaning and they are like brand new. Nylon and rubber toys are the perfect example.

Give Your Dog a Bath

Whether your dog loves taking baths or absolutely despises it, a freshly washed coat can lead to less shedding and reduce the amount of hair in the home. What’s more, a clean coat is the perfect way to get rid of the old hair and help your dog’s dry skin from the winter months.

Bubble Bath a lovely dog chow chow

Organize the Pet Pantry

Let’s face it; a lot of us are guilty of leaving food and other items in the pantry long past due. This also includes pet food and treats. Go through the pantry and do a complete overhaul. Throw out old smelly treats and stock up on delicious, healthy treats that your will complement your dog for the warmer months.

Update Tags and Wash Collar 

It is always a good idea to update the dog tags if you have changed your number or moved recently. This is a great way to make sure your pet always makes its way back home if anything were to happen.

Also consider washing your dog’s collar or purchasing a new one if the current one is worn down or old. Throw it in the wash, or head on down to your local pet store to see all the cute options they have for Spring!

Spring cleaning doesn’t always have to be a chore! Using these tips will help you get started and leave your house looking sparkly and clean in no time.