The 5 Most Punderful Dog Costumes for Halloween

Halloween is a time of year filled with fun and whimsy. It’s the perfect time of year to have some fun with your pooch, too. What could be more wholesome good fun than a Halloween costume pun? These dogs prove the answer to that question is absolutely nothing.


Chia Pet


Ch ch ch chia! The Chia Pet brings back such fun memories, and this has become a very popular costume for dog owners. The funniest part is these Chia Pets look better than any actual Chia Pet we’ve ever seen. Did anyone actually get those to grow out like the picture on the box?

Wide Retriever and Rufferie


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The perfect costume for any retriever breed–the wide retriever! But as absolutely adorable and sweet as this costume is, his little buddy the Rufferie is what really makes it great. Just make sure when you’re ready to throw the ball for these two you don’t wait too long, or he’ll call you for delay of game.


Corn on the Dog


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This costume is a little corny. So was that joke. We make no apologies. A little corncob on a dog makes a great corndog corn on the dog (try saying that ten times fast!). This little guy is sure to be a hit at Halloween parties.

Hot Dog


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No list of dog costume puns would be complete without the original: the hot dog. While the hot dog costume is probably most famous on Dachshunds (because really, who can resist a weiner joke?), but it works for a variety of breeds.


Pugkin Spice Latte


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Halloween and Fall have become synonymous with one special beverage: the pumpkin spice latte. They’re everywhere this time of year, so why not pay homage with your dog’s costume? If they’re half as beloved as the coffee drink, you have a real winner.

Happy Halloween from Betsy Farms!