The Best Stocking Stuffer Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs

 betsy farms christmas dog With Christmas around the corner and the holiday season in full swing, many of us are busy gearing up for quality time with family, friends, and our beloved pets (of course). As you prepare for holiday merriment and gift giving for your loved ones, be sure to check Christmas gifts for dogs off your list.

A special Christmas stocking for your dogs is sure to be a special treat for your canine companions. Here are some essential stocking stuffers your precious pups will love this season.

5 Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for Dogs and New Puppies


Healthy Dog Treats 

While most of us are hoping for a stocking full of candy canes and chocolate, your dogs are asking Santa to bring them tasty Christmas treats that are safe for them to enjoy. Fulfill their Christmas wish to Santa and fill their stockings with healthy jerky treats in a variety of flavors, such as duck jerky treats and chicken jerky treats for dogs. Just remember to wrap their treats in containers or paper beforehand or you might find your furry family members diving into their treats early.

Christmas Toys for Dogs

Christmas themed dog toys are a popular gift idea for dogs. You local pet store or Wal-Mart will have many options for Christmas toys for dogs both big and small. For your beloved dog’s Christmas stocking, mix and match red and green nylon toys, kongs, and Christmas themed stuffed toys (such as stuffed Santa’s and elf’s). A few new toys to stuff their stocking will be a bark-worthy treat on Christmas morning.

New Leashes and Dog Accessories

New collars, leashes, bandanas, and dog accessories are a great gift to pile in your dog’s Christmas stocking. A new winter themed bandana they can wear, or a colorful collar to match their unique personality will make for some good-looking family pictures over the holidays. Plus, winter or Christmas themed bandanas are easy to make with low-cost fabric from your local craft store.

Socks Dogs Can Play With

No one else on your list wants them, but your pets will love some old socks in their new Christmas stocking. This surprisingly great gift idea for dogs also makes good use of all those socks with a missing mate. Plus, there is no longer a need to throw those lone-soldier socks away and your pups will be less likely to steal any new socks out of the laundry bin.

New Dog Blanket for a Cozy Winter

Cozying up by the fire is one of the best things to do on chilly winter nights with your loved ones. Let your furry family in on the fun this Christmas with a new blankie they can call their own. A small pet-friendly blanket is a stocking stuffer they can also use on their beds year round, which makes it a gift that keeps on giving.

Make this a Christmas season filled with merry and cheer for your pets by giving them stockings stuffed with Christmas gifts they will love. Your dogs will enjoy the special attention and your entire family will love helping them unwrap their gifts on Christmas morning.