The Guide to Creating the Ultimate Dog-Friendly Backyard

The backyard is the dog’s ultimate playground. Full of new scents, sounds, and plenty of things to dig those paws into…simply put, it is a dog’s oasis. With the warm weather approaching or having arrived (depending on where you live) we have to be sure that our backyard is ready for the hours that will be spent outside as your dog basks in the sunshine. To help create a safe area for your dog, follow this ultimate guide.

Westie outside surrounded by flowers

Secure the Yard

There are a few different methods to securing your yard to ensure your dog stays in and other animals stay out. A fence is definitely the obvious choice. This can prevent them from getting out and even worse becoming lost. Be sure that if you do build a fence, that the gaps are filled so your pup can’t dig his way out or squeeze his way through.

Using an electric fence has become another common choice amongst pet owners, but while it might do the trick to keep Fido at home, other animals can come and go as they please. This also requires some training beforehand as well.

Watch Out for Poisonous Plants

When the warmer months hit, many of us start to consider what plants and flowers we want to flourish our yard with. But not so fast…be sure to do your research before planting that daffodil or tulip as they may be toxic to your animals. Some other plants to avoid include azaleas, Sago palms, lilies, and certain types of mushrooms, but that isn’t all. Before heading to your local greenhouse, look online to see what plants are safe for your pup!


Prepare for Fleas and Ticks

It is that time again where you have to prep the pup and yard for pests. Not only can fleas and ticks be very harmful to your pet, but chances are they will be brought into the house as well. In order to avoid this problem, be sure to apply a topical flea and tick solution to your pet and apply a flea and tick outdoor spray to the yard as well. Prepare beforehand so you don’t have to deal with a full blown infestation later on.

Build a Doggy Door

The luxury of a doggy door is great for not just a pet owner but the dog as well. Your dog can come and go as it pleases, especially when it gets too hot or needs a cool drink of water, and as a dog owner you don’t have to constantly open the door every time the pup wants in.

Provide Plenty of Water

As the temperatures get warmer and our pet gets hotter, this means they need that H2O! If you and your furry friend are going to be spending long periods of time outside be sure to provide ample amounts of drinking water so they stay hydrated.

Hairy bobtail (old English sheepdog) running in park

Make Sure There is an Abundance of Shade

When it is hot out, the last thing you want is for your dog to overheat. Not only can this be very dangerous, but it is very easy to avoid by providing plenty of shade. If you have a plethora of trees than this is not a problem, but if your backyard is bare as bones, then you might want to consider building a dog house or outside shelter. As we gear up for the summer months, if the outside conditions become dangerously hot it is best to have your dog stay inside all together.

With spring here the last thing your dog will want to do is stay cooped up inside all day. By following this guide, your backyard will be dog-friendly in no time!