The Most Common Fears & Phobias In Dogs

Common Fears & Phobias

At Betsy Farms, we’re proud to create healthy, irresistible dog treats made from high-quality ingredients, helping you support the health of your furry friend. But in addition to making healthy dog jerky and dog treats, our mission is to help make every part of taking care of a dog easier. While dogs may seem like the happiest creatures on the planet, it turns out that they can develop fears and phobias just like humans – so if you’ve noticed your dog with her tail between her legs recently, here are a few of the most common phobias to help you figure out why.



While a summer thunderstorm can be a welcome thing for humans, for dogs, thunderstorms are among the scariest events. It makes sense: with a sense of hearing that’s 2-3 times stronger than humans, the deep boom of a thunderclap feels up close and personal for dogs. Thunderstorms also dramatically increase ambient static electricity in the air, which dogs can feel in their coat and may even cause shocks. Rubbing your dog’s coat with an unscented dryer sheet can help discharge static and keep your dog more comfortable during a thunderstorm.


Alone Time

Separation anxiety is one of the most common issues for many dogs, and it can turn into a serious problem if left unaddressed. Dogs are pack animals, so it’s not natural for them to be alone in the way it is for humans. To avoid separation anxiety turning from a minor problem to a major one, it’s always best to work with a trainer to help get your dog more accustomed to being alone.


The Vet

Even humans can be scared of the doctor’s office, so it makes perfect sense that dogs may not enjoy a trip to the vet. The unfamiliar, intimidating sights, sounds, and smells of a vet’s office can feel like a haunted house for dogs, and that problem only gets worse when they’re poked and prodded during the visit. If this phobia is a big problem for your dog, we recommend taking a few “happy visits” to the vet’s office where there’s no treatment required and the vet staff simply love on your dog and give them treats. These can help show your dog that the people at the vet’s office are there to help, minimizing fear and anxiety.


Buy Healthy Dog Treats Today

These phobias are common ones for dogs everywhere, and if you’ve noticed your dog displaying phobias like these or any others, it’s always best to address them with a trainer as soon as possible. In the meantime, keeping your dog on a steady supply of healthy, delicious treats is sure to ease any phobias – so make sure to pick up some Betsy Farms dog treats at a distributor near you today!