The Science Behind Why You Love Your Dog So Much

The Science Behind Why You Love Your Dog So MuchAt Betsy Farms, we’re proud to help dog owners everywhere give healthier, happier lives to their furry friends by offering healthy dog treats and snacks made with natural ingredients. We’re willing to bet that most of our customers would say they choose Betsy Farms because they truly love their pet and want the best for them – and we certainly know the feeling. But when you think about it, it’s a little strange how close humans get with their pets. After all, no other animal keeps pets in the way that humans do. So what’s the science behind our affinity for our four-legged friends?

Why Do Humans Love Their Pets?

It turns out, the scientific community is largely conflicted on the issue.

We’re fairly confident as to how humans started keeping animals around. Prehistoric humans saw how effective wolves were as hunters and saw that they’d be useful for hunting, so they began to domesticate wolf pups. Over millennia, these domesticated wolf pups began evolving to better suit domesticated life, producing the first ancestors of modern dogs. Conversely, wild cats would kill rodents and other pests that would infest grain stores, and as a result, farmers likely fed these cats food scraps to keep them around and reward them for their hunting endeavors. Modern cats are biologically much closer to their ancestors than modern dogs, but the principle remains the same.

However, humans have continued to keep pets even when there’s not advantage in regards to hunting or food safety. Keeping a pet became a part of many cultures, even when it was costly to do so and provided no obvious benefit. And on this subject, the science is anything but clear.

Some argue that people who keep pets live longer or are healthier thanks to the companionship, and even though this claim continues to appear in the media, research has debunked it almost entirely. Contrary to another popular belief, research suggests that people who keep pets aren’t actually any happier than those who don’t, either. This means the adaptive argument is largely unsubstantiated. Some argue that pet keeping is a demonstration of ability to care for a helpless mammal or that it displays excess resources, and therefore acts as a signal to potential mates.

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For the time being, it’s not clear why we form such strong bonds with the pets we keep. The benefits aren’t obvious, and it’s something that doesn’t occur in any other species. One thing’s for sure, though: we sure do love them, and if you’d like to show that love, we can help. Our dog treats and dog snacks are designed to promote the health of your dog and made with real ingredients that any dog will wag their tail about. See the difference for yourself: find a store near you and try our dog treats today!