10 Dog Breeds Who Make the Best Travel Companions

It’s almost Spring Break baby!  For those of us that plan on taking a little break from our hectic lives within the coming weeks, an exotic getaway to somewhere warm might be on the horizon, or perhaps you have no plan at all but to see where the open road takes you. Whatever the case may be, you definitely want your number one partner in crime by your side. So what breeds make the best travel companion? We got the list for you!


1. Chihuahua

Traveling with a Chihuahua is anything but boring. They are perfect for almost any form of transportation, especially by air. This travel-size pup fits perfectly under the seat of an airplane and travel carrier. A bonus is they don’t eat a lot and are good at impressing strangers.

2.  Labrador Retriever

 If you are digging the bigger breeds then the Labrador Retriever will bring you plenty of new friends along your travels with its outgoing and friendly personality. These social butterflies are very excited about new adventures and a breeze to train.


3. Pomeranian

This pint-sized pup is quite content admiring the sights and sounds in a purse or stroller, making them easy cargo to carry. Not only are that, but their fluffy factor is perfect to cuddle with after a long day of sightseeing.

4. French Bulldog

Skip the air travel, and hit the open road with these charming little guys. Brachycephalic breeds are often banned from air travel due to their narrow airways. The Frenchie is fun, hilarious, and will keep you wide awake on your road trip excursion.

pexels-photo-14644 (2)

5. Golden Retriever

The good old Goldie is loyal, adventurous, and always down to make new friends. They don’t care where they are or who’s around as long as they got you by their side. That is why the Goldie is so great!

6. Daschund

The Weenie is short, small, and protective. Sometimes people need a good barking to and handing that baton to your Daschund is a-okay with us, especially when travelling solo. Stranger danger stay away when the Daschund get’s an uneasy feeling about a person.

7. Yorkie

This toy breed has a big personality, crazy cute factor, and an immeasurable sweetness.  Their conveniently compact size makes them perfect for the road or air. Don’t let those little legs fool you, the Yorkie is great at keeping up!


8. Bernese Mountain Dog

This gentle giant is often calm and quiet and the perfect choice to accompany you at a hotel, campsite, or RV park.  The handsome dog has a history of being a loyal companion and has a happy-go-lucky attitude with just about everything.

9. Basset Hound

Always ready for adventure, this scent hound is sure to lead you places you never expected with its internal GPS. With this friendly doggy sidekick you can be around other animals and humans without worry.

10.Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This royal breed is easygoing and social. Cavaliers are happy with any occasion, whether it be going for a hike or sitting in the car and these pups have a fearless personality.

While we could go on and on, these breeds are just some of the few that will make an excellent travel buddy for your next journey. Safe travels to you and your pup!