What to Expect When You’re Expecting…A Dog

The New Year is just around the corner, and this may be the year you decide to finally get a dog. Dogs are a man’s best friend but don’t be fooled; they are also a lot of work. There are several things to consider, think about, and prepare for before you bring your little one home for the first time.  

Choose the Right Breed for Your Lifestyle

Make sure you do some research before your adopt or buy your first dog. It is important to consider the dynamic and size of your household before choosing a breed. If you live in a small apartment, a Great Dane probably isn’t the breed for you.

Prepare to Give Your Dog Plenty of Attention

Dogs are a lot of work, and puppies are even more. Just like a human relationship, a relationship with your dog requires a lot of time, energy, and love. Be prepared to dedicate a lot of your day to caring for your canine. Depending on the breed, some dogs may be needier than others, and some breeds are more independent than others.

little girl kissing a puppy

Puppy Proof the House

Dogs get into everything, and we mean everything! Just like you would child-proof your home when you have a baby, you’ll want to do the same when you decide to bring a puppy home. A few easy ways to puppy proof your home are:

  • Purchase a baby gate to keep your pooch from running upstairs or getting into certain rooms in the house.
  • Keep your shoes off the ground unless you don’t mind one going missing!
  • Make sure to keep all small toys off the floor, not only will they get destroyed but you don’t want your puppy to choke!

Purchase a Dog Crate or Pen

Decide how you want to enclose your dog while you are out of the house or asleep. Many dog owners choose to crate train their dogs, or you can purchase an open pen as well. Regardless, it is important to establish a home for your dog within your home. This spot will become a place of comfort for them, and will be their go-to spot for their bed, toys, and water.

puppy chewing on a toy

Vaccinate Your Dog

Just like humans, dogs require vaccinations to keep them healthy and keep those around them healthy as well. Make sure to consult your vet when bringing home a dog and schedule any necessary check-ups for your little guys. Remember, a happy dog is a healthy dog.

Potty Train Your New Puppy ASAP

Do you like your white carpet looking white? Then be prepared to take your dog outside…at all hours! It is important to establish the correct and incorrect places your puppy can potty. If you start potty training early enough, you should be able to avoid many accidents in the future. If you are going to be gone for long periods of time without being able to take your dog outside, you can purchase potty pads that are a safe way for your dog to potty without ruining your home. Total lifesaver!

training new puppy to potty outside

Choose the Right Dog Food for Your Breed

Make sure you know what kind of food to have ready when you bring home your new companion. Dog food can be breed, age, or health-specific, and it is important you are purchasing the correct food for your pooch. And you can never have too many treats! Natural dog treats are a great tool to use when training your dog because they reward good behavior. And they’re delicious!

cute puppy eating dog food from his bowl

Think About Doggy Daycare

Before you own your first dog, consider your work schedule and who may be able to help you care for your buddy. Dogs can get lonely just like people, and if you have a career with long, demanding hours, you want to ensure you have someone else in the household that can help you feed, walk, and play with the dog.

Deciding to get a dog is a really big and exciting step. By following these tips, it will help you plan ahead, be prepared, and think about what you need to do before you bring home your new best friend. Good luck!