Why You Should Celebrate National Train Your Dog Month

dog training tips

January is National Train Your Dog Month. But why train your dog?

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers began the National Train Your Dog Month campaign to educate people about the importance of training, but also to show how fun training can be. Just by following a few of the tips below, you can improve your dog’s interaction with others while having fun and spending time with one of your favorite living things—your dog!

Start Young

A puppy is one of the most precious things that you can bring into your home, but it can also be stressful and time consuming. A puppy training class helps dog owners learn how to handle common behavioral issues, such as chewing and housetraining, while also helping the puppy to be socialized around other dogs and people.

Vet Visits

If your dog gets anxious or upset whenever you head to the vet, it’s time to consider vet training. The APDT suggests asking the vet if you can bring the dog in for quick visits that will reintroduce your dog to the environment in a non-stressful way and rewards of treats.

dog training tips

Doggy Daytrip

Socialize dogs that dislike strangers by bringing your dog along when running errands. There are numerous stores that allow dogs inside, and there are drive-thrus that offer treats to pups perched in car windows.

Practice Perfection

There’s no better time to have your dog practice sit, down, and stay than when you are busy at home. Whether you’re watching TV or making dinner, make sure that you practice these commands daily so that your dog knows how to act during times when you are busy.

There are several benefits to dog training beyond showing off to strangers how well your dog plays dead. Make your life (and your dog’s life!) easier by training your dog how to act during situations and around people. Check out even more dog training tips at the Train Your Dog Month website, including several helpful training videos.